Who knows Recreation vehicle camping: it is level for the correct functioning of all, especially refrigerator, air conditioners and flow of box and drains of sinks.

Besides the feeling of stability, of the objects well rested and other purposes, the correct levelling of the trailer or motor home goes far beyond. When uneven, not all the water in the tanks can be used and then the same may be standing on the sinks and shower box floor without leaking into the drains. The refrigerator is an equipment that requires leveling to your operation and worsens even more if the gas version. The air conditioning can catch the lack of drainage or cause a leak. Out everything that is not nothing nice bed tilted to one side or a object does not stop still on the table or on the floor, doesn’t it?

Trailers and motor homes have several types and ways to stop level. Trailers have shoes that sometimes allow a few centimeters of adjustment and still rely on the tailwheel adjustable to facilitate the work. Wooden stumps can be used to lift one side seeking the adjustment. Motor Homes already have 4 distant wheels, where can be shoes also for wood or stumps for his hydraulic shoes (or apes) ensuring convenience and verification. But in all modes is to know if the vehicle is at the correct level and that is where the different types of levels used.

The simplest way and to evaluate the horizontal position is set with a bubble level used in construction. With it you will need to place in places known plans in your trailer both longitudinally and in cross direction. This level is found in building materials and are cheap. At the time of purchase, the way to check if the unit is well gauged is very simple: place it on any table or support, independent of these whether or not level. The secret is in the reversal of the level in the exact location. He must select the same both ways and, if the surface is uneven, you should mark the same distortion (for the same side) in both positions. If you reverse the position of the level and this mark different, means that the same is faulty. The tip to measure the level of the trailer or motor home is in place that will be supported the bubble level. Always use the same surface that is known to be “leveled”. For example a kitchen sink, fridge and etc. Avoid mobile sites as tables or surfaces that may suffer deformities (even if minimal) with the time as an example of the floor of the vehicle which is generally in wood and has dimples imperceptible to the naked eye, but which present a major inconsistency. Exercise the note over their camps to get the levels of these selected points as you think that leveling was done successfully.

There are also levels of bubbles for RV’s have two sets aligned in perpendicular directions. For these, it is simply choose a location known to plan and screw it on a level and equipment ready. Just proceed leveling techniques seeking centralization of both bubbles.

There are also digital levels with sensors and electronic dials that make exactly the same function of bubbles.

Other equipment very useful is the level of External Blisters, suitable for Trailers: AccuLevel of Camco. He has two dials. The larger (horizontal tube) has more size to a visibility from a distance. To maneuver the trailer and can see the position of the cylinder (steel balls) from afar through the rear-view mirror to choose the best trailer on the ground cross position or climbing wheel chocks. After they reached the cross-leveling, it’s time to adjust the horizontal position. As the adjustment is made by crank tailwheel wheel, you will use the small dial that is just above the other. This smaller size is easily seen for the final leveling. Another type used more in motor homes is the Valterra Level. This has only a single bubble, but makes the function that that has two bubbles. Set at a location near the cabin, is easily seen for the settings until the bubble stop in central marking position. Both levels mentioned previously installed and fixed in are RV to always ensure an easy adjustment of the set.

Know that even after leveling on arrival floor of the camping can change and even RV settlement equipment such as shoes, hydraulic jacks, tire pressure and even the ground subsiding with humidity, temperature and weight carried. Redo your measurements and always keep your equipment adjusted.