Lippi Selk Bag – the Slightly Different Sleeping Bag

The Lippi Selk Bag is no ordinary sleeping bag, but rather a Pajamas with sleeping bag properties. Version 1 is suitable, however due to its comfort zone of just 8 ° C, not necessarily for the ‘real’ outdoor area, or only for the summer unless temperatures fall below 8 ° c at night. Also because of its weight of 1,680 g (S/M) to 1,970 g (L/XL), this Selk bag is not really suitable for trekking tours.

The versions 2 (synthetic) and 3 (down) look like there already more interesting. Their comfort range is 5-15 ° c. But these are still pretty heavy with 1,500 to 1,900 g.

On the hands, all Selk bags have zippers so you can handle without problems from a sleeping bag out. Also zips on legs can be opened for ventilation. The main zip is missing however (at least for us men): the step! So you could easily at night to the bathroom, or to the next tree, without having to crawl out of the sleeping bag.

The price ranges for all sleeping bags in the upper price segment are:

  • Version 1: 110 euros
  • Version 2: approx. 180 euro
  • Version 3: approx. 300 Euro

Conclusion: Not really trekking fit, who but would like to attract attention than Michelin Man on the campsite for the part is exactly right 🙂

Update : Since August 2009 the sleeping bag is now known under the name MusucBag. The new name has its origin in the Design Studio MusucHouse, the Chileans Rodrigo Alonso. The third generation has been improved and is available under the new name throughout Europe via our site.