Mobile Homes with All the Luxuries

The Saigon company launched a line of high-end mobile homes, but also for those looking for adventure. Image gallery.

The Saigon company began as a project of young entrepreneurs. And in view of the rapid growth of the automotive industry in Argentina, were launched to produce efficient and cost-effective, mobile homes so that people can vacation where you want and when you want.

Another important innovation of this company is the modification of trucks big or utility in a comfortable motorhome. In this way, users can transform as the Renault Master or Ford Transit van in a small motorhome, which allows travel through places that are inaccessible to the models similar to collective or trucks. The firm presented also a model of Adaptive camper to load, with much more space and accessories vans or small trucks.

Currently, the firm offers two models, similar in construction, but proposing different packs of Interior conveniences. It’s two mobile homes with wraparound front windscreen, chassis designed alloys to significantly reduce its total weight and make it very resistant.

Model for adventurers

One of the models of the firm is known as TD401 Sport, designed for those seeking a practical place to spend the night and have everything at hand, such as fishermen or hunters.

This practical design features two folding beds near the ramp, giving you more room to carry accessories for camping, hunting or fishing, or to stay a mattress on the floor and add more people to the adventure. In addition, it has a stove and countertop with sink at the end opposite to the entrance, where it is possible to Cook, wash utensils or prepare a meal.