Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light

Baby is still warm in the belly of MOM but MOM begins to test some objects before his arrival… Just to make sure that everything is in line with our expectations and that our Richard will want for nothing… Good and because it’s fun also I confess.

Children's Night Light

Took me awhile to decide for the choice of a night light to add to the list of birth and who would meet my expectations. She had to be portable, practical, with great autonomy, pretty and not too bulky to be swept up in the suitcase of maternity and on a trip in the bag changing on our trips.

My midwife had told me about the fact that it is of do not turn on the light at night when we just give to baby feeding or hug him so as not to disturb it in this cycle that installs of the day and night(same for the NAP in the day: don’t put baby in full black and let him sleep in the daylight). So I was looking for a laptop but effective Nightlight that might accompany me during the night-time feedings without leaving aggressive torch coming to disturb the sleep of all. A watchword: for the comfort of all sweetness!

After several searches and comparisons, readings of many customer reviews, my choice is stopped on the back burner Super Nomad at PABOBO.

Yesterday, I picked up this night light in store after the participation of the Papi of George to the birth list. I must admit that it has fun Dad in the dark… and I put it into practice during my many night Awakenings of pregnant woman …
Innovative, light and small, this night light fits in your hand, its ergonomic shape ensures a good grip, its recharge is done by USB and its autonomy is about 200 hours (4 hours of charge on average once these 200 hours).A fairly substantial time savings that avoids a daily recharge.

This night light adapts itself to the light ambient (it doesn’t turn when the brightness is reduced) and has two light intensities to suit any situation. In the dark, simply to take in hand the pilot light triggers without having to search the ignition button… and it is of course possible to manually turn it off to put it away in a bag or when one wishes to not use it by a long press on the button.

A backlit display is visible on the back and indicates the battery as well as the selected intensity level. The small button located just next door allows to adjust the intensity of the light or turn it off for its transport or storage.

It does not heat and its lighting is very gentle.

USB charging is pretty convenient, we can go abroad without worrying about the compatibility of the charger, and we are all more or less equipped with a Universal USB adapter for cigar for our smartphone is turned (no worries then for long journeys by car at night if we forget to recharge before starting…). For more, no base or big adapter to lug around and so once again save space.

I can only recommend this night light to parents and prospective parents who are looking for a quality product, practical and a high degree of autonomy. You will not be disappointed!

It takes approximately 39 euros for this night light available in 4 colors: green, blue, plum and beige which allows to adapt to any type of decoration… and I find it pretty enough to blend in with the decoration of the room of my Ben…