Packing the Backpack to Camp

The structure of our body was “designed” to support our weight. The backpack is, therefore, an extra charge. Thanks to our ability to adapt, we can even get used to using it for long periods, but we must respect certain limits. The recommended load is up to 10% of the weight of who carries the maximum that is less than 1/3 of the weight of the person. More than that can cause back problems. Good arrangement of the interior of the bag is very important. The balance and the positioning of the greater weight at the time of the shoulders are the ideal way to transport it.


– Spread on the ground around the material to be transported and go putting the bag one by one or in a group.

-The clothes and coats can go together, preventing any discomfort of hard or pointed objects that might bother you.

-Note that the center of gravity of a backpack should be tall, so always store the heavy equipment along the coasts and in the upper part of the bag.

-Check out the checklist and separate the material into parts, packing them in plastic bags, as well as:

Food for meals;

Foods to eat while walking;

Clothes (separate half with half, shirt with shirt and etc.)

Take warm clothes for hiking;

Raincoat or anorak;

Tent or the part of it. Remember that there is no need to carry it the way she presents wrapped. The Poles (sticks) can go on the side, along the body, and the sobreteto and body can get bent in the best way;

Stove and cookware can get packed inside a pressure cooker;

Canteen and flashlight;

Camera and first-aid kit;

Sleeping bag.

ATTENTION: All material that is at risk of getting wet with an unforeseen rain must be packed in plastic bags.

Packing the Backpack

Example of a checklist

Certainly, with time and experience, new items include on this list. Keep it fixed in a visible place where you keep your equipment. When is preparing an expedition or settlement is only refer to it.

With practice, you’ll find the corners exactly for each thing and be able to get your backpack in order to look like a closed package, without empty spaces and back soft.


Backpacks, when equipped with camping, according to, allow you to distribute the weight between the shoulders and hips, and not only on the shoulders and back. Therefore, we can carry weights of 20 pounds, or more, over the course of several days, without it becoming a stressful effort. However, we depend on a correct adjustment of the handles and the height of the barrigueira, so that we can come to a successful conclusion.

The straps should be adjusted in such a way that the barrigueira stand at the hips (pelvis). When the weight is evenly distributed between the two parties (and barrigueira), the weight on your shoulders is directed more back than down.