Prepare for Trail Running

Obelink has everything in stock for the most popular sports: football, tennis, jogging, swimming and much more. The new spring collection of all famous brands is out and looks really great! During the sports specials on Sunday the 26th we want to introduce you the new collection: you look at z.B the new Speedo swim collection or the Sports Division of Nike and adidas. Read on for the whole program of sports specials!

Prepare for Trail Running

Upcoming: Trail running

Regulate the sport wants to make Obelink introduce the new outdoor sports, including trail running: off-road running. Like many other outdoor sports, trail running is extremely new. In this sport, you race through the nature on hard trails with much variation. It is also a nimble challenge what decide more and more jogging. With the right shoes, set the outfit and accessories make your trip as comfortable as possible and can enjoy the nature without any worries.


Good jogging shoes for trail running ensure full support and stability on hardened or underground. Opt for a conventional sports footwear where your foot is extra supported and falls to be cushioned. It is also important that your foot gets the optimum stability and dexterity. Keep in mind that belong to good shoes, good socks! Decide for thin, acrylate sports socks to avoid so clean tongue or even blisters.


Opt for quick-drying clothes, which ensures full freedom of movement: A good leggings, thermos shirt and sports shirt ensures a good basis. In warm weather, a top is sufficient enough and short trousers. Put on a jacket on cold or rainy days. For maximum support, make a sports bra for comfortable underwear and for the ladies. Check the craft jogging set itself, this consists of a jacket and a leggings.


Now, where the outfit is complete, you can think about how water, your Smartphone, or take something to eat. The backpack active leisure is an appropriate solution for this cross. Is a water tank with hydration system is located and the backpack is well ventilated. In addition, he is equipped with reflections and vestitzt smaller compartments for your Smartphone or your sunglasses. In the backpack, you can practically store along the way your jacket if will be too warm. PS: In a few weeks we tell more about this great sport!

Sport activities in the business!

Of course sports activities include our sport special! Read here what we have prepared for you:

  • Fußballspiel in the business: children can win this sporting prizes!
  • Diverse draws on the Sports Department: prices of u.a craft and Rogelli
  • Weckerpreis restaurant: the alarm sounds, if you just want to pay? Then you can pass free!
  • Machen the free Fußsscan on the Sports Department and take the schema of jogging for beginners.

Sunday our colleague is ·Diesen 2 the Cadac Carri chef BBQ Plancha demonstrate and try all sorts of goodies you can.

Long story short: A comfortable and exciting sale open Sunday! Are you also?