Problems To Climb? Find Your Interior Abroad

n 1985, Cal Swoager was in the middle of a crux of a narrow slit in New River Gorge in West Virginia. He was working to make the first ascent, from the ground, so he didn’t know what to expect of the protections or difficulty. The protection turned out to be scarce and the difficulty a 7 c br, a challenge for him, because it is a traditional climbing in sight. CAL was pumped and your mind had an intense desire to escape the situation.
He had a decision to make: rise or fall. Thinking he would die if he fell off, Cal has undertaken with the climb.
The intensity of the situation revealed the Cal as he had lived your life. He was known for being a “party animal” and, at that moment, he felt he was not ready to meet death. CAL made a deal with God. “Get Me out of this situation and I swear that I will become a Christian.”
He reached the top and called the “Leave it to Jesus” (leave in the hands of Jesus), performing your first obligation of the agreement he had made.
The Oracle of Delphi advised us to “to know ourselves”. Is a guideline, is not to learn our height or weight, external manifestations. Is a guideline to learn who we are inside. Meet us is like opening a door.We need to open the door, leaving the comfort and enter the stress.As we open this door?
We can open the door by means of a physical activity in the outdoors.Outdoor activities defy our whole being, body and mind, connecting us with the great big world, putting us face to face with an obstacle that we must work to overcome. This work creates information that we can analyze, assist and integrate into an understanding of who we are.
There is perhaps no better outdoor activity, to meet than the climb.Climbing creates a unique challenge for learning: climb against the force of gravity, towards a definite goal, with specific consequences of falling based on the protections that we can use.
Gravity pulls us down, toward our comfort zone, or in the direction of death if we don’t take the right decisions. To learn, we need to apply our minds to advise the protections and consequences, and apply our bodies against the power of gravity and of our comfort zone and step in the area of stress.
The climb also has no mercy for limiting behaviors. Some climbers if frustrate why aren’t progressing, give excuses for the lack of skill, or blame others for your failures. However, the rock doesn’t care about our frustration, excuses or blaming behaviors. The rock only reflects what is already within us.
If we are lost in the limiting behaviour of the mind, never open that door. To note that these limiting behaviors don’t help us, rock doesn’t care about us, that we are the ones who need to change, we began to open the door. We have developed the ability to observe the mind and not be victims of it. We can witness the thinking mind and choose what thoughts Act.
If we have thoughts of frustration, excuses or blame something, then don’t act on them. If you have thoughts about alçoes that we can perform to meet the challenge, so we can act on them. The ability to testify is the door that opens to our interior, so that we can get through it and get to know each other.
I climbed Leave it to Jesus a few years ago. I was positioned in the middle of the Southern Cross, with the last protection below my feet.A movement separated me from a grab better, and the ability to protect me better. The gap had narrowed to a thin Groove, with the exception of a crushing of monodedo.
I had to stick my finger in the pocket, stand up and reach the opening of the crack up. I was pumped and I didn’t know if I could make a move. My mind wanted to quit. Quitting is a strong desire. However, warriors don’t do that.
Once the Warriors weighed the consequences and made the choice to get through the door to the stress, they undertake. They bear witness to the desire for comfort and redirect your attention to the task. I walked through the door and made the movement.
Who found on the other side of the door is unique to each of us. The intensity of the situation Cal experience opened the door for who he was inside and revealed a desire to find a deeper meaning in your life through the Christian religion. For me, the road gave me confidence to witness the intense desire of the mind to remain in your comfort zone – keep the door closed-and my ability to open it.
Outdoor climbing gives us a vehicle to find who we are inside. We are engaged in a larger world, which requires us to connect with him, if we are to survive. The intensity of the climb in position on door to our inner world.
It’s stressful to open and pass through the door. The mind will not want to do it when we’re in the middle of the challenge. Is the witness who may reach the doorknob, and open the door to pass through it.
Practice tip: Open the door
It is important to take appropriate risks, so find a slightly above your threshold that has consequences of Yes-fall (where you can fall without getting hurt badly). Establish an intention to commit to the climb. Don’t decide to drop when the mind wants to escape.
Pay attention to the thoughts in your mind, especially when you are in situations similar to Cal and I experienced in Leave it to Jesus. This is the “space more interesting” on mental training. Is the door to your inner world.
Open the door to witness the mind’s desire to escape. Then, go through the door when making the next move. You will learn more about who you are, getting or not perform the movement.