Record of Enrolled in the The North Face Endurance Challenge Argentina 2017

3000 registered mark a record of call for a career in mountain.

The North Face mountain Ultramarathon was installed as the most anticipated by fans of trail running: the figure of 3,000 registered at different distances, reaffirmed it.

This year the renewal is complete: after 6 consecutive editions in Patagonia, interspersed between Bariloche and San Martín de los Andes, in 2017 career Debuts geography and tested in Cordoba. Specifically, in La Cumbrecita, a demanding super spot for lovers of the trail by its technical gap and the difficulty of their land.

For the 2017 Edition, The North Face brings to the Argentina one of the most important athletes of their global team: Diane van Deren, ultrarunner and owner of several records to his credit. Runners can enjoy his talk
motivational in Córdoba City, Friday, March 31.

The North Face Endurance Challenge is the only race which is part of an international circuit with editions in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, New York, Washington DC, and California. The Argentine stage is the first Latin American calendar date.

¨Luego several years repeating the format in Patagonia we wanted to propose to trail runners a change of scenery. So we move to the mountains of Córdoba. Argentina is a very large, with stunning scenery to run and enjoy country, and the idea is to start promoting new destinations for Trail Running. We believe that both local runners, and the internationals who come to participate will be amazed with the landscapes of La Cumbrecita is for ofrecerles¨, explains Max Maggio, responsible for The North Face in Argentina.

The North Face Endurance Challenge Argentina 2017 is the seventh edition of the circuit which will take place in our country. From runners from our country, neighbouring countries, Europe and the United States are mainly expected. As in previous editions, will be heading the trail runner emblem of the brand in Argentina, Gustavo Reyes, and the global athlete Diane van Deren: a ¨milagro circles, according to the New York Times, Diane has special ¨dones of resistencia¨ have been studied up to the famous Mayo Clinic specialists.

As it happens traditionally in mountain races organized by The North Face in Argentina, are 4 distances that runners can choose to travel: 10, 21, 50 and 80 km. Distances of 50-80 km provide qualifying score for the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc.


  • 80 km

It is the meeting place for very technical racers and expert in this type of racing level. Long-term racing experience is critical, and physical and mental fitness is required to handle the wear and tear of more than 13 hours running on hilly terrain.
Positive slope: 2920 m – negative slope: 2920 m – cumulative: 5840mts – maximum height: 2100 m.
This circuit replicates much of the distance of 50 km. Once completed 46 km of it, from the Grotto runners continue by mountain to the deep gorge of the Yatan River, the largest of the Sierras Grandes of Cordoba and home to many species of birds and wild animals, including the condor, the skies of the zona¨ ¨senor. This section crosses the sector most forested career, with mixed forests of conifers, pines, Cedars, cypresses and eucalyptus. Climbing, they reach the Loma Alta and reach the famous vineyards of Las Cañitas (on the lower part of the river and in the middle of a heavenly environment). Then they embark on the final leg to the arrival, in the pedestrian village La Cumbrecita.

  • 50 km

This distance defines a circuit of high technical complexity, demarcated route with important differences of altitude. Developed for brokers experienced in mountain trails.
Positive slope: 2030 m – negative slope: 2030 m – cumulative: 4060 m – max height 2100 m.
It is circuit starts in the same way as 21, until you reach the old houses. From there it takes Southwest, crosses the river Lapuente, passes through an area of pastures and underground streams, to alpine village, small town, also with characteristics similar to the La Cumbrecita, situated at the foot of the Champaquí Central European. This is the highest mountain of Cordoba and main portal for the rise.
He began the steeper slope of Cerro Negro, between deep caves shelter of pumas and montes de tabaquillos, (typical tree of the Sierras Grandes which only thrives above the 1,400 meters above sea level). Once up, the tour continues along the edge of the mountain to the rugged Cerro Corona, whose mass dominates the stay of Casas Viejas.
Brokers have access to the hull of the same, and since there are with the same circuit of the 21 km. until the end of the race.

  • 21 km

It is a technical circuit with different levels of medium and high difficulty. It is intended for trained runners and with some degree of experience in cross country. It is the first step in preparation to reach the Ultramarathon.
Positive slope: 942 m – negative slope: 942 m – cumulative: 1884m. height: 1950 m.
Completed the first 4 Km of travel, from old houses, circuit internal in a horseshoe path up to the typical serrano post “The El”, between herds of sheep and goats. From there, it crosses the Sierra de Comechingones, with its sparse vegetation of mountain and large clumps formed by imposing granitic blocks, crossing Crystal streams; even the well-known and steep slope of the rabbit, which begins the descent to La Gruta, classic tourist destination in the area. Then begins the final stretch, returning to the town by its access road.

  • 10 km

It’s a race designed for all kind of runner. A route of medium difficulty and without major variations in slope, populated with trails.
Positive slope: 470 m – negative altitude: 470 m – cumulative: 940 m
-Maximum altitude 1630 m.
This circuit is based on La Cumbrecita bridge along the paved road. It crosses the green “Pampitas”, offering a spectacular view of the mountains on the one hand and of the Calamuchita Valley on the other hand, passing between hills planted crystals of quartz of different size blocks. Then you’ll reach the position of the old houses surrounded by its trees and ancient stone corrals. Across the River in the Middle, there is a climb down a path of mules to the Maierei, pampa stone that dominates the village. There begins the descent to the village by way of the old cemetery. The circuit ends plunging through the interior of the villa and appreciating its beauty.