Relax In The Backyard!

Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you forget yourself already. Do you recognize this? Then, the time is there, to plan a day of relaxation. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts, because relaxation is much more pleasant weather, and plan a day ‘Ich time’. I hope your boss is also a bit cooperatively ;-). For a wonderful relaxing day, you need not to go away. No, avoid the jam or the crowded city traffic and relax at home. Obelink has very great articles in the range. Such a relaxing day feels like a mini vacation. You can rely on, that you are after a relaxing day full of energy again. I like to share my ideal relaxing day with you.

Lie down on the lounge bench

After my husband to work and children to school, I’m a delicious breakfast. A bowls cottage cheese with plenty of fruit. In any case with strawberries, for which I like very much. I’m then herrelich on the Bank of a lounge, so one of the Suns menor lounge set. Comfortable and very trendy, what’s the color. And should you be surprised by a random passing tropical rain shower, then that’s no problem, because the material is weatherproof.

Read in the relax Chair or Lounger

After a round of skating and a refreshing shower I will finally start my exciting book, waiting on me for weeks. But where will I settle down? In a relaxing Chair as the lafuma Futura air comfort new Acier or a lounger? Also very relaxed. CamPart Lounger textile would in my garden very well look. Oh, I can choose poorly.

Siesta in the Sun

Also a siesta is a perfect day of relaxation. I to hang me a hammock. In my garden I miss ‘good’ trees, how I can attach a hammock, so I bought also a hammock stand. A NAP of half an hour to an hour and I have enough energy for the rest of the day. Bar bl/be/gr I already love the hammock San.

Cooling off in the pool

As my children from school back home, I put the swimming pool for them (and for me of course even) on. Because I’m me like as easy possible, I bought us the exotic reef Snapset pool INTEX. Really, this is child’s play. Lay out the pool, turn on the faucet and the bad ‘is’ itself by itself. How relaxed! You have a large or larger garden, a large swimming pool fits is of course. Perhaps one that can remain on during the whole ‘Warmwettersaison’ as the INTEX frame swimming pool 305 or the INTEX frame swimming pool 260. In our Mega store, the selection is even greater than in the Web shop. So that my children are exposed to all the time of the Sun, I’m a shade cloth or a tarp over the pool.

Crickets and the dishwasher makes everything clean

In the evening we barbecue. Sometimes friends come to visit, but also with our own family we set out very comfortable there. With grilling, we can quietly spend the whole evening. Delicious salads to, a glass of wine or a cold beer. The disadvantage of grilling is always clean. If you use no aluminum trays, then fish or meat quickly on the grill bakes on. Campingaz is this something made, that a lot of you save work. The series 3 and 4 from Campingaz Grill are equipped with components that you clean in the dishwasher can (leave). Actually, it is so that you can remove all the parts that are dirty, and can do in the dishwasher. Very relaxed so.

Relax in the Spa

If we have cleared the table and it is slightly cooler, then we will be pure Spa in the INTEX. Four of us we fit just fine. This is sooooo comfortable. You can set this by 20 degrees to 38 degrees Celsius. If we’re warmed up, then you hop into bed. Then, I dream of my relaxation day. Because unfortunately this day was just a dream, because I do not have these products, so it remains for me a still unrealized ideal day. But hey, dreams you should have or?