Review: Aquatabs Water Purifying Tablets

One of the most important factors in a camp or crisis situation is the quality of the water we take. With this in view, many devices were invented to purify the water, and we’re going to be talking pills Aquatabs.

According to the manufacturer’s website:

The Aquatabs, are recognized worldwide as the most effective, safe, economical and practical to purify water. Aquatabs have been used successfully in disinfection of water by the most important international aid agencies, the military and NGOs including WHO, UNICEF, MSF, Red Cross, NATO and the French Legion.

Aquatabs pads are made with either sodium troclosene sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC-60 ACL). Are used in military operations, natural disaster scenarios, camping, water treatment and for domestic use.

Currently in Brazil have few options of products like this, but finally we have a new option that promises to be more accessible and effective than the other. We received a free copy that come in a small box with 5 cards, each product containing 10 tablets.

This is the template for 20 litres, i.e. each tablet can purify 20 litres of water. On the website of the manufacturer we can observe that there are 1 tablets up to 2,500 litres of water. Follow the video where we tested the product:

As said, there will be less litragem pills too, allowing you to get the best fit to your planning. The important thing is to have an alternative like this so we can have greater certainty that the water we will cause diseases that will prevent our survival or adventure. I should remind you that if the water that you find have large Valley waste filter it first, since the product does not eliminate.

I hope you enjoyed, questions, comments and additions are very welcome.