Review Camping Shower of Cheetah

Description and technical specifications

The product is nothing more than a portable shower. It is made of ABS plastic, has a 12V electric pump with plug for the car charger. The 12V cable has 6 m long and the hose 220 cm. total weight of shower is 820 grams.

Has the water output regulator and flow can be of 8 liters per minute. It also comes with hooks for fixing the shower and a bag for transporting the shower out of the box.

The run switch of shower was made with waterproof material, thus making the shock proof.

The instructions come in the box itself on the back and is very simple, just put the pump into a container with water, connect the plug in the connector of the car and enjoy a nice bath.

My impressions

If you are looking for a shower for camping in the Woods this product is out of the question, because your usefulness ends when you need to leave your car to venture out in the Bush. All this because you need to plug it into a 12 volt source.

However, for those who usually go camping with the family farm or in places where you will be close to your car, and for those who tend to fish and enjoy a nice bath Camping Shower the Cheetah can be a good option for a shower.

For others who think it’s just drop the bomb into the river and connect, unfortunately you are wrong. The recommended is putting the pump and the water in a bucket, so there will be no danger of foreign particles entering the mechanism, and here’s a tip for those who have no bucket by hand. The bag that comes to load the shower can be used in bucket to catch water. So you have no excuse not to collect water from a river. It’s not hard to use, but the wires and excess weight can mess up a bit, but nothing to get in the way of your bath.

Liked it? Have one? Give your opinion so we can help those looking for items such as these to camping with your family!