Review: Mobile Kitchen Quechua

The kitchen furniture Quechua comes a need for a huge demand on the bias. In addition to support for the stove and a Workbench, has a lower enclosure with separation on shelves and protected with doors.

A mobile kitchen is a very personal item and once (and still today) was usually produced handmade in dimensions that depended on a lot of the reality of the camper, as handcrafted lacks large compressibility (disassemble). The shelter for the stove and the packaging of tools has always been the great goal, but extends to the Workbench, ergonomically correct height and other ideas with no limits to the imagination.

The differential of the Quechua: detachable, features lightweight materials and has a closed Office in fabric. When disassembled is packaged in a bag in the form of case somewhat big and therefore becomes essential to the use of a vehicle for camping.

Basically has a lid that came with a wind of three tabs, stove guard and left a good support area. Just below, between the metal frame (feet) there is an Office in fabric with two separate doors with double zipper closure. Each has 3 wooden shelves with metallic finish on the edges that hardened support that can package various utensils.

The mobile offers two side pockets to help organize and Cabinet has Ventilations back on screen to prevent the entry of insects.

Some tests and ideas: For the pressurized Shower Quechua, can be used to add “water” in the kitchen. Given the amount of spaces and the Division well made doors and shelves, cabinets can be used for other belongings apart from the kitchen, as in the case of items of personal hygiene or even clothes. In large tents, can be used as Dresser, where the clothes are packed in cabinets and the top can receive TV, cell phones and other personal belongings. Despite the transport bag have large dimensions, the thickness of her is not so great, and may enter in the question “who take a, take two”. As a suggestion, the feet could be linked at the bottom, because when positioned over the grass (Earth) or sand the weight ends up burying them.