Ropes for Camping and Fishing

Load a segment of rope can be very useful for the camper, since many situations even in extreme survival situations. The models are the most varied, and all kinds of rope can be useful.

To make my videos, I’ve used a lot, but most of the time I use polypropylene rope 2 mm. Bought a roll just to use in my videos and being the type of rigging that have employed more often. Is an easy-to-find rope, weather resistant and it costs very expensive. You find often in fishing and camping houses, or houses of building materials.

Other strings that are cheaper and more politically correct, because they are biodegradable, are sisal, jute and ramie. Each type of natural fiber among the cited have slightly different properties. It is said that jute is usually a little better for use as tinder for fire, while rami is tougher. I bought a roll of sisal to pioneering practice and has served the satisfaction. You can find these types of strings more easily in agricultural houses. Check AndrewFishing for other fishing equipment.

A roll of cotton string is what I used as a child to have a good time, and these days, it’s something very useful. Recently I tied some feathers in handcrafted arrows with this type of rigging.

With finer fibres and resistant, we have the paracordas a classic cable for survival, and Alternatively, a multitude of synthetic ropes, which I’ve tested the Dyneema. You can find the latter on the open market or in Chinese sites. But beware, the Chinese sites often sell a paracord type which is not the classic 550 paracord. You can learn these differences in another article I wrote and I’ll leave the link.

Ever wove more information about the paracord and Dyneema in other articles and videos, I’ll leave the links so that you can consult, if it is of your interest. In the video below I show the strings mentioned in article and talk about the differences.