Seal Leaks

How to fix quickly and on the fly filtration in footwear, jackets and sobretechos of tents.

The seams in the camping are a headache. They are footwear, jackets or tents, they filtered rainwater or condensation from dew, putting on troubles the adventurer: is not comfortable walking under the water with wet feet or body, even more so if it’s cold, either stay in a tent in which it is not known if it rains more in that outside.

If one counts with new team of insurance there will be no major problems with the seal, but if it’s “old” it is likely that we find ourselves in situations that can be easily remedied if we had the forecast to take with us a couple of elements saviors.

A seam is achieved in any House of camping is good solution. It is silicone in knob type pass quickly and effectively voligoma. Also, having a roll of adhesive tape broadband of the packing or rolled (these are of greater resistance to stress, folds and water) will allow us, among other improvisations in the camp, cut strips to cover damaged seams of jacket and sobretechos, as well as also to cover breakages in the fabrics.

The choice for a good seal of footwear is to count with a spray or waterproof grease to be applied abundantly on the uppers, since in addition to seal the surface they enter into the holes of the stitches. For the folds that use are often form off the union of the sole and the upper, where usual water, the best will be to provide a small knob of silicone, that light sealant and small won’t bother in a pocket or backpack, and will always hand to cover seams and any filtration.