Sealander-The Floating caravan

The Sealander is actually a real hermaphrodite from a caravan and a boat. With the fun camper on both the excursion to the next lake as well as a round trip, where the caravan can be carried out at the campsite to the overnight.


Caravan or boat-the amphibian trailer

Railway is the sealander especially for those who want to spend a camping holiday but do not want to abandon a boat. Normally this is not possible because only a boat trailer or the caravan from the car game can be. This hybrid of boat caravan and can be pulled from almost any car due to its compact dimensions. In order to achieve the local range of the seal, the electric shunting aid is suitable for car trailers Hák.
Video for floating camping trailer
Not big but yet to use premises


The interior of the Sealander can be transformed from a small kitchen into a sleeping area. The roof of the floating camping attachment can be raised. This allows the camper to enjoy an open air seat or admire the starry sky. When used as a boat, the sealander is driven by an electric motor. Due to the shallow draught of the floating camping attachment, it can be used on many waters. Moreover, it can be carried out by the small electric motor on almost all Binnengewassern, even without boat driving licence. The floating camping trailer is to be available with cooking washer, heating, cooler adaquatem electric motor from early 2012 and for a price around the 15.000 euro. More information about the Sealander can be found on the official website.


Caravan or boat-the floating caravan1


Caravan or boat-the floating caravan2