See How to Increase the Life of Your Tent

How to increase the life of your tent, the care required

Camping is an act of freedom. Who realizes that put a backpack on his back and from nature is much more than abandon the comfort offered by the city and by technology can no longer leave the practice: the learning of the new equipment, new destinations and search each camp passing leaves a greater experience.

The camper must appreciate the your tent. She is your home during your trip, your hosts after a long walk and keeps you warm on cold nights. However, many people do not know how to take good care of the tent, and this can generate a lot of prejudice. With that in mind, we brought today are some tips to extend the life of your tent, so that she be with you for many, many trips!

Protect the bottom of the tent

Some tents come with footprint, which is the name of that canvas that we put under the tent. It serves to protect the bottom of the humidity and the constant friction with pebbles and twigs which can cause wear and tear to the fabric, in addition to disturbing enough. If your tent does not have afootprint, you can improvise with tarpaulins of trunk or even thicker plastics. Even with protection, be sure to clean the land where Mount tent, getting rid of twigs and stones.

Do not expose the tent in the Sun for a long time

Besides getting an internal climate, assembling the tent under shadows of trees or caves protects the wires nylon quick deterioration. You can also extend a tarp on it or take it during periods of more intense sun.

Leave your shoes outside

One of the greatest enemies of the tents are the shoes. They are the main cause of small tears and holes, for sure, will increase in size and inutilizarão your tent. For this reason, always remove your shoes before entering the tent: in addition to more comfortable, it will contribute to the maintenance and hygiene of the tent.

Clean the tent

Dust and dirt are bad both for the tent fabric and the zipper. Before storing it, give a Jolt with the door facing down, so, sand and pebbles will come out easily. After this process, clean the fabric with cloth and water to remove any dust, and clean the zipper with a toothbrush for this purpose — this will prevent him to seize up. Before putting definitely, let the Sun dry to prevent mold, always paying attention to the time of exposure.

Care in time to save

The rods should be stored in a safe manner to prevent break, warp, or puncture the fabric of the tent. You can put them in a cylindrical container drive or in own bag in coming. It is also useful to lubricate the fitting gloves of rods before saving them, to avoid your oxidation. The stakes should also be saved without contact with the fabric of the tent, for the same reason of rods. It is advisable that the tent is not stored in your source and Yes bag wrapped in a fabric that allow greater air circulation to prevent mold.

With all these tips, it became much easier to increase the life and enjoy increasingly tent camp. Now just put the Backpack on his back and enjoy the trip! Got any questions? Have any suggestions? Leave us comments!