Stanchion Lighted Tents

Some time ago we had a post here in the FuiAcampar astanchion lit very interesting, that sparked interest in some people, but that wasn’t on sale here in Brazil.

Light for Tent

This model of Enlightened Stanchion to tents that we bring here, is an imported product can be found on sale in the AFCC Adventures Store.

See below for more information about the product:


This stanchion is a robust model that works like a normal stanchion. He was made to secure the tents, ropes and awnings to the floor, but he has some specific features: it has lighting, is made of plastic and is thicker (due to your geometry of 4 angles). Check below the detail of the features:

Resistance: Despite being in made in ABS (plastic). The product seemed to us very tough, especially for being thick and robust we believe to break it will need a huge effort.
Part of the little light bulb is simple and quite fragile.

Ease of use: For being a very thick 4 and stanchion angles the greatest difficulty in use will put him on the ground. Depending on the ground you probably need enough strength to push.Depending on the type of soil, if it’s a land can be really complicated to stick it in the soil. Is more suitable for sandy land or land more “soft”.

He has 2 2 possibilities for you hold the tent or rope on it, there is a hole to pass a string, if you’re going to use it to secure the stretchers (strings) and there is a slot where you can pass the tape that usually comes at the edges of the rooms to hold the tents, as in the pictures below.

To open the battery compartment that needs to be done carefully since the internal parts (metal tube and spring) come loose, open it carefully.

To turn on the light the first time, open the battery compartment and take a plastic shield that comes standard.

Power of lighting: The light coming in the stanchion is a small little light bulb that produces 15 lumens lighting, which is somewhat weak, but to signal the functionality your tent is appropriate. You wouldn’t be stronger.

The bulb is in a compartment that opens and closes and can make the light has basically three different positions. If you leave the light on “closed” it generates only an orange light (discreet) another possibility is you let the light with the beam at an angle up, illuminating the tent or door, finally you can leave with the beam of light back to the floor so that it is easy to identify the tent, but also without attracting much attention.Understand better by looking at the photo gallery, below.

Energy: The lamp works using 4 batteries LR44 (those of clock), that comes with the product.

Size: 20 cm long. But these 20 cm only 15 of them are “useful” to be buried, the top, where the little light bulb must be kept out of the Earth, obviously.

Weight: 35 grams

Intended Use

This stanchion lit is not essential for any camper, but let’s face it, it’s cool! And we all know the problems that the night binders in campsites. Are real traps! Can’t never have stumbled upon one of them. Putting these espeques and calling the little light at night it is possible to avoid this problem.

The espeques may be interesting for those who are camping in dark place, or with poor lighting.

But consider that the espeques are sold individually so, replace all the espeques for these can get a little expensive … and with so much light around your tent might stay like a flying saucer.It’s an interesting team to take strategic espeques as mainly near the door of the tent.

Photo Gallery

Technical Data

Origin: Imported product (sale on AFCC Adventures store)
Value range: R$9,90-the unit
Weight: 35 g
Length: 20 cm
Lighting: 15 lumens
Material: ABS
Accompanies: 4 LR44 batteries

This product was consider best lighting for camping, but does not represent a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence from the store.Learn more about our policies on Reviews.