Summertime Is Festival Time!

Rock am ring, Highfield , Hurricane, Southsideor Sputnik spring break – 2017 season runs and millions of people can’t wait to see your idols live and in color! But a music festival means so much more than listen only ear-splitting music with clamoring to bawl, with over a thousand other strangers in the same rhythm to jump and to dance in the open air, and to emit a beer from his tent neighbor. Quite honestly: a Festival is a huge tent exhibition!

It is with more than 70,000 visitors (2016) to the hurricane, the sometimes largest music festival in Germany, just imagine how many tents on the site can be found. Whether large or small, with canopy or without, colorful or look – one festivals automatically also associated with tents.

Not only the music, even the tents is a real Festival experience!

Camping is an experience. The most festival-goers can confirm that. Whether consciously or unconsciously, your Festival visit you’re stumbled certainly one or the other tent model. You can see some specimens even the countless stories that has already seen it. Others shine in the bright of afternoon sun. The range of different models of tent is huge, which makes the search for the right Festival tent not easier. Fortunately, there are a few factors that can help you find the perfect companion.

Which tent is right for your next Festival visit?

Basically your tent should be fast to build, so that enough time is left, to prepare you mentally and morally for the next few days in the “wilderness”. Of course, your tent should exhibit also a certain size so that you can safely Park your liquid food and your sleeping bag and mat. Sleep is when the Festival rather scarce. If you find a few quiet minutes, then you should in any case can lie comfortably and offer you and any fellow sleepers enough ventilation channels for air circulation.

Our top Festival tents

Not the right tent can be found before louder? No problem. We have selected three matching tent models for you, where you’re guaranteed shine on the Festival site:

Tip 1: FreeTime Mareo tent

The FreeTime tent of Mareo is an absolute leader in terms of functionality, the well-thought-out details and the selection of high-quality materials. It is very easy to set up and provides not only protection against water and mosquitoes, but also enough vents for air circulation. Here’s to the tent.

Tip 2: easy camp Equinox 300

The Equinox easy camp 300 dome tent is right up front in terms of value for money. The lightweight construction is not only extremely fast to build, but by striking color combinations a looker on the festival grounds. Here’s to the tent.

Tip 3: KING CAMP Venice pop up tent

A tent for all cases – the Venice Pop-Up tent from KingCamp is quickly packed, with a handle and ready for use at the Festival site. No interconnection, no despair, no hassles. Setting up is carried out by itself and takes only a few seconds. Herring in – ready. And the price? An absolute blast! Here’s to the tent.

Tent purchase at the tent master

Not the right tent with? Then a look at over 300 tent models in our Online-Shop throw or visiting one of our McTREK stores.

In many McTREK, branches take place throughout the summer tent exhibitions where you your wish live and in color can try out tent. Tips and tricks for the rapid construction of the tent are included. Just check back! Our tent masters look forward to you!