The B-side of the Trekking

It seems that everyone on this planet started practicing trekking. We, tupiniquins, never had such easy access to information about the outdoor world as we have now. I see people wearing boots, posting pictures in the mountains, people venturing … That’s cool. Nothing more beautiful. Better even if it is part of the new generation, the new culture. It would be everything that a great evolution? Pray that Yes, maybe a change in the behavior of the crowd, I hope you let Facebook a little aside. And hope also to other than fad and that people are actually more connected experiences.

Let’s face it, trekking is a wonderful activity. I say this with total security that this outdoor exercise has radically changed my life for the better, of course. Since when I started this blog almost 2 years ago, I met a lot of people connected in adventure. Weekly I get many invitations of friendship, and 95% are coming from the blog. I think the biggest cheap, first as meeting people is already cool by itself, and second, are like-minded people. The exchange of experience is always valid. OK, sometimes appear a few bags, mainly to prove that they are “dicks of galaxies”, but it’s in the package. Without drama.

With this immersion in trekking, met the B side of the story. I saw that there is a sea of vanity, and arrogance. Sad. But it is the reality. Those who know a little of this world will agree with me. You know that story about that until your enemy wants to have the worst disease you? Well, the trekking that happens a lot. There’s always someone to compete with us, even subtly. It is not uncommon to listen to these phrases: “Oh, I’ve done this crossing, is a piece of cake”, or something like “Wow, you haven’t been to this place?” and even “I’ve done this trekking when you haven’t even was born. These are just a few examples, but the amount of idiocy goes way beyond that. Serious.

There is competition of who step into such a place first, that rises higher, who has better equipment, and amazingly, scrolls to a rivalry of such faster circuit. It’s up to say that I don’t judge people who seek to overcome limits, much less those who want to make history, why are these trekkers who inspire me. I refer to those who disdain.

I talked recently with a hiking partner and we discussed about this matter. The conversation was long. We took some conclusions, but mostly we see an opportunity to do differently, to encourage people to get out of the box, to allow the time outdoor, simply for the pleasure of feeling something extraordinary.

Is my paper (I think) as influencer support the practice of the activity so soundly and without competition. I swear that this is not a political speech. Recently made the expedition Casino, a virtually unknown script, it took me months to develop. Vanity on it? Has! But that doesn’t blind me and doesn’t make me feel any owner of fate. In fact I can’t wait to disclose the account of this expedition, in order to induce readers to the same experiences that I got during the crossing.

I see that there is a change of values in the world of trekking, where many have forgotten the real meaning of activity, that is to offer a great time outdoors, especially to the one who seeks adventure, a moment of reflection, interaction with friends … Finally, a contact with nature.

Trekking is always trekking with guide, without Guide, in Brazil or abroad. What matters is what the activity offers to the practitioner. Just that.