The Caravan Park Easily?

Comfort serves the people, says the Dutch saying. A Wohnwagenmover certainly belongs to the category of comfort products. A Wohnwagenmover is a device with the caravan to the desired pitch, maneuver without exerting force. At the campsite you can see already, an increase of Wohnwagenmovern. But why would you actually buy a Wohnwagenmover? How does a mover? And, if you are considering a purchase, what are you really based your choice?


Advantages of Wohnwagenmovers

Several times the caravan insert, anyone on the camping site, sympathetically watches as you try to push the trailer to the right place. Finally, with a Wohnwagenmover, that’s past. We combine the advantages of a Wohnwagenmovers for you:

·Sie need never to pull more Caravan and press

·the only one person is required on the Caravan and to disconnect

·the (absence) of the caravan on the campsite is easy

·dadurch that you can maneuver, there is less chance of damage

·Rückwärts ride the trailer is no longer necessary

Persons who were previously anxious to come up with a caravan holiday drive, can do the quiet conscience. Also save a lot of time and effort themselves, so that you can enjoy your vacation sooner.

How does a Wohnwagenmover?

A mover works on two 12 volt motors can individually be turned on the wheels of the caravan or trailer. The control runs wirelessly using a remote control. The wheels turned against the rollers move the caravan exactly to the spot you want. Because these rollers work independently, you can turn even single-axle caravan around its own axis. Actually, you can compare a Wohnwagenmover with a large remote-controlled car.

There are various Movertypen with very different prices. We divide it roughly into two categories: manual/semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Manually operated or semi-automatic mover

With a semi-automatic (or manual) mover make the rollers of the movers on the wheel with a siphon or crank. You then make the role with a movement on the wheel and the other role at the same time reaches the wheel through the rod provided. Please keep in mind that you need some force, to make the role on the wheel. If the role is located on the wheel, then you need only to switch it on and then you can use the mover.

Fully automatic movers

Fully automatic means what the name implies, that all actions happen automatically and electrically. This means that also the engines on the wheel in a fully automatic movers can be automatically made. If you put the main switch, then make the rollers on the wheels with a touch of a button. The fully automatic movers, has an additional motor that is missing from a manually operated mover. After the rollers are on the wheels, you can start with the maneuvering.

What battery should I choose?

Our movers are supplied without battery, battery case, battery terminals and battery charger. We have different battery packs are included these items in our range. Which battery pack is suitable, hangs off of what you require of a mover. Pure looking a battery for a mover, then a lithium battery because of the weight and the care is the smartest choice. Capacity is important for you (much) and you have no way to charge the battery on the road, then an AGM spiral battery is the best choice. A battery, connect also your dashboard lights on a semi traction battery would be best.

Can even build or install?

If you are good technical background, then can a mover just fine even install. All movers offer a detailed installation and operating instructions. Most people probably the installation are left to a professional. If you want a professional installation, then install the mover by the colleagues of our workshop can. They are very experienced and are busy every day with the installation of movers of the different brands in our range.

How do you determine which mover for you is best?

Which mover you choose depends on (chassis) and the weight of the caravan also from your budget down, but of course also of your caravan. Our preisgünstigster mover costs € 599. In addition, you need a battery package. If you provide the installation, then come to mounting costs. Expect for an amount from € 225,. We recommend you before you proceed with the purchase advice. My colleagues and I arrange the making of the right choice.

Our House brand of hyper camp is certainly recommended for an ‘average ‘Caravan. Heavier caravans or camper with a different chassis require a specific model. In our assortment we have mover of the following brands: on he edge: Al-Ko, Enduro, hyper camp (our House brand) and Empire.

Do you have already a Wohnwagenmover? Yes? Then, we are very excited about your experiences with your mover. Please respond to this article. In this way, you help other Cafetier when choosing the right mover.