The Cooler Is Right For Me?

At a picnic in the Park, a day at the beach or on holiday in Spain: a cool box is handy in many situations. Sometimes even indispensable. What happens when you go on vacation and you swallow medicines. Of course this may not spoil, so you need to keep them cool. In what situation you also go off, there is always a suitable cooler.

The most important question you should ask yourself is, how much must cool degrees of your cooling box compared to the ambient temperature. Want to store ice in it or freeze meat or find that unnecessary, but you can give even cold drinks? Also an important prerequisite for you can pond, how much in the cooler, in other words: what sill these at least have? We distinguish three different cooling box systems, each with your pros and cons. We like to explain for you.


Absorption cooler

The big advantage of an absorption cooler is that they work on different sources of energy. On 12 volts, if you are traveling by car 230 volts, if you are on the campsite and it which is also some models that work. The latter is useful if you have no power outlet nearby. An absorption cooler is very quiet. You will not start and no hums. You don’t hear, too, that the fan rotates. Very pleasant so if you sleep almost next to the cooler. The disadvantage is that the cooling capacity of the ambient temperature is dependent on. already the maximum is 20 to 25 ° C below the ambient temperature. You can already imagine Sangria not cool can keep your bottle at 38 ° C at a Spanish campsite.

Compressor cooler

If you really want a cold Sangria on the warm Spanish campsite, a compressor cooler is your cooling box. The big advantage of such a cooling box is that it will work regardless of the ambient temperature. A compressor cooler cooling from + 10 ° C to-18 ° C, so also at 38 ° C, you have your cool Sangria. Compressor coolers work mostly on 230V and adjust them with a thermostat. A compressor cooler consumes relatively little power compared to an absorption cooler. There’s also compressor coolers, that work on 12V. Realized that the price of a 12V-Modells is much higher. The starting price is € 450,. A disadvantage of a compressor cooler is the noise. A compressor cooler is namely not silent, because the compressor to start regularly. At home, you can compare the noise with a refrigerator or a freezer. A compressor cooler is also a bit heavier.

Thermoelectric coolers

A thermoelectric cooler is easy and so you take it easier. In addition, such a cool box is cheap priced. The most thermoelectric coolers can cool and heat. The cooling performance depends how at an absorption cooler ambient temperature, so forget the cool Sangria. A thermoelectric cooler cools to maximum 18 ° C below the ambient temperature, and works on 12V or 230V. All you have then already a converter. A thermoelectric cooler is equipped with a fan, which dissipates the heat, and is therefore not completely silent.

Coolers with cooling elements

In addition to the already mentioned systems that even cool, there’s also cow boxes or bags that keep your Belgrade or drinks temporarily cool in a ‘passive’ way. Everyone knows already the cooler, for which you need cooling elements. The box itself is not cool, but the items you have placed in the freezer, make sure that your food and drinks stay cool.

Content of the cooling box

The size of your travel company plays an important role, but also what products you want to save it. Ice cream and frozen meats, vegetables or just drinks? The larger the cooler, the harder she. A large and heavy box is of course not very handy, but the advantage is that you often have to buy a not.

Even I like to search the Sun, so my cooler is a compressor cooler. I am very satisfied with my Mobicool B40. I bezitze it for some years now and it is fully and completely up to my expectations. I can drink tasty cool Sangria mine ;-). The Mobicool B40 is a very special cooling box, by the way, because it is a hybrid version. It is a compressor cooler on 230V and 12V a thermoelectric. For a day on the water, I take with me a simple cooler with cooling elements. A cooler like the Campingaz Icetime 13 L great enough in any case.

What cooler you choose, so mainly depends on what looks like your vacation. Driving in a country where 30 ° C or warmer rather the rule than the exception, then a compressor cooler is the right choice for you. Your holiday destination in a country with moderate temperatures, then an absorption cooler or a thermoelectric cooler is a great choice. Base your choice on other properties? Yes? Share with us and other readers your conditions.