The Grill Is Right For Me?

The months close themselves and hence the barbecue season with (hopefully) beautiful weather. Extended food delightfully with friends, with the family or for two. In addition to the delicious taste of barbecue, grilling is a versatile, great and fun way to prepare food. Really, everything is possible: ham roast, ribs, whole chickens, turkeys and fish, but also bread and pizza.

Would you like to buy a new grill? Then please continue reading. We arrange the different types charcoal, gas and electric for you, each with their pros and cons. After reading, you need to buy only the grill!

Grilling with charcoal

In the old familiar way grilling with charcoal is best for most people. It begins with the lighting of the grill, because almost everyone loves to make a little fire. This is the characteristic wood smell / taste get in the way of preparing food. So grilling is not only delicious, but is it really something special and also entertaining.

Advantages and disadvantages of a charcoal grill

+ The true feeling of the grill

+ The real taste of barbecue briquettes or charcoal

+ To use smoke wood

+ Direct and indirect grilling possible

-Only to use briquettes or charcoal

-You can not start, such as gas and electric grills, because the coal must first glow

-Cleaning of the grills cost more time

Grilling with gas

If you want to start quickly with barbecue and don’t want to wait until the coals glow, then a gas or electric Grill is a better choice. You can start with a gas Grill in principle: light and go! In many models, the gas flame is well adjusted.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas grills

+ You can almost instantly start

+ Anywhere to use (garden, balcony or campsite)

+ Easy-to-clean

+ Direct and indirect grilling possible

-You are missing the taste of charcoal, although there are models, where you can use smoke wood

-Gas Grill is generally slightly more expensive

-You must always ensure that there is enough gas

Electric Grill

Electric and gas grills are similar in ease of use and speed. An electric Grill works very simple: insert the plug into the wall socket, set the temperature and set the courts on the grill. Because you can set the temperature, it is never too soon.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric grills

+ You can almost instantly start

+ To use everywhere (camping site, Garden, balcony and even inside)

+ Easy-to-clean

+ Very safe

+ Temperature well can be

-Consumes a lot of power

-You miss the taste of charcoal in your dishes

Important when buying a grill

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages, which I have already mentioned, it is important that you realize who you grilling. Especially with the family or just with a larger group of friends or relatives, for which you need a larger Grill. There are grills and Outdoorküchen in all varieties and sizes. It is important that you have a good quality grill rack. This prevents that baking meat or fish and ensures that you can easily clean it. Your apartment is not too large and you have little storage space, consider the dimensions. You can keep somewhere the grill.

Fast or slow

If you want to quickly start and set itself the heat, a gas or electric Grill is the best choice. You are just like me, fond in the charcoal smell and taste, have plenty of time and is barbecuing for you mainly a get-together, then fits a charcoal grill for you.

See the extensive range of our mega-stores all types of barbecue and outdoor kitchens, and also all kinds of accessories. You would like further information, then visit our Mega store and look around in the large exhibition space. In a next blog I’m going to direct and indirect grilling, because if you can master these modes of barbecue, grilling really is a great (gustatory) experience.

Do you have the ultimate barbecue tip? Or have a top recipe for the grill? Share it with us and other readers of the blog. Enjoy your meal!