The Laws Of Murphy In The Camp

If Something Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong. We Don’t Want To Be Pessimistic, Just Want To Address The Most Common Situations In Camps.

  1. No matter howgood you are, there will always be a situation that you can’t;
  1. dogsAppear to steal all your food and waited for the perfect moment to destroy your tent and remove all food;
  1. The water youtake you will never be enough;
  1. Whenever youfall you will cause the greatest possible panic and simply have asmall scratch;
  1. whereit is easier toset up camp than dismantling it;
  1. No matter how many timesyou check the weather, you never take all the clothes;

  1. You can check out1000 times the equipment and the bag before leaving the camp, but always forget something;
  1. Youcan never take your camp menu. No matter how much you try, always happens something that prevents you from cooking the way you planned. You will have to improvise;
  1. No matter how much youtry, spiders and other insects will enter in your tent and your sleeping bag, thus making you be scared at night;
  1. Practicallyyou can bring the whole empty backpack and she still will weigh a ton;
  1. If it is notthe food,is the stove, gas tank or a kitchen accessory, but by law always forgets any of them;
  1. No matter how longyou wait to buy a new tent, to buy the your suggested retail price will plummet;
  1. Even ifyou think you know the way, in each walk you get lost for a few minutes;
  1. Good!You found a good place to camp, then you find out that your tent does not have stakes and worse, the wind is extremely strong;
  1. Organizea camp to see the night sky, but upon arriving at the camping site discovers that the time is for rain;
  1. Thinking of makinga fire. Then realize your Flint and fire your decoys are fullywet, destroying the possibility of a good bonfire night;
  1. You spendmonths planning and organizing a camp, on the night before his friends cancel, you decide to go it alone, but the worst is that you don’t know the track;
  1. Finally!You managed to get in camp, gets very excited and when you intend toassemble the tent, you realize that you forgot it at home;
  1. Ifyou fall, the terrain is the culprit;
  1. The more youuse insect repellent, mosquitoes will eat you alive.

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