Types Of Sleeping Bags And Their Characteristics

If members of your family can be attributed to lovers of the outdoors, then you not do without the sleeping bags.

They are indispensable in the campaigns.Sleeping allows the maximum possible comfort to relax the evening to the morning with new strength to continue the journey.

to choose from sleeping well, we must first understand the forms exist for this type of product. To adapt these can be in the form of a cocoon or blankets. There are also hybrid models.

Cocoon narrows towards the bottom of the product. Because this product is quite compact, allowing you to save space in your backpack. But this is not one of its benefits. The main thing is the difference between a sleeping – bag strongly embraces the body of the traveler. This makes possible the use of this form of sacks of sleep at lower temperatures. Campaign products have anatomical shape. There are models and they are heated neck, and with an additional valve along tod coverer zipper

to its length. Bedding

blankets are rectangular in shape. The design of this type of sleeping bags may be complemented with a hood with a zipper. These products are more suitable for novice travelers who do not plan to go to difficult climbs, and that no matter how many things have to take with them. Models

Combi represent a kind of symbiosis of these two species. On the one hand, this is the same rectangular blanket, on the other hand, they are equipped campaign of anatomical shape that pulls a special plug called loop.

last two types of products can play the role of an ordinary blanket, if before the end of unbutton. It is also worth bearing in mind that the zipper of the bag can be sewed on the left and the right. This allows you to connect the two products and get a big bed.

Fill the sacs also sleeping a variety of materials. This can be cotton or feather, or synthetic. The first option is the most appropriate in a short walk for short distances. These products are more or less balanced, easy to absorb moisture. The main thing that attracts buyers in these sacks sleepwear – is its low price. Benefits is also attributed to the fact that such models are ideal for travelers with allergies to synthetic fibers and lint.

By the way, the latest material is a filler that provides maximum heat retention. However, quickly becomes moist and sufficiently long and dry. These features suggest that the use of sleeping bags when travelling in places with high temperature and high humidity is unacceptable. They will be more appropriate when mountaineering and expeditions in the Artico.bolsas

sleep filled with polyester filling can be double, triple and quadruple rooms.This is the cheapest option, but its quality is poor. Of course, that do not absorb moisture as well, and dries much faster than previous models, but after 4 trips, such products are suitable except to travel to warmer climates. The fact that this material is compressed quickly enough, because of which the product becomes more thin and, naturally, more fresh.

model now popular with empty loads, which agglomerate not much longer. Even in a wet bag it will hot desk. Behind it is easy to care for, and the range of their application is quite wide. These products can be used as a winter sleeping bags, trekking and walks in the mountains, as well as high temperatures and humidity drops.

sleeping bag shell material – is often nylon. Only products below covered by special fabrics:. Ultrex, Pertext and others

Today, the outputs of specialized consultants can offer a sleeping bag.”Sportmaster”- a store that certainly deserves attention. There is a wide range of sleeping bags, the price of which can be both 1 and 8 thousand.