Types of Sleeping Bags

When choosing a sleeping bag, first we have to think about a few issues that we know exactly what we need sleeping bag. Universal sleeping bag that would fit all year round and in all circumstances, unfortunately, does not exist. That would have been sleeping on hot summer nights perfectly breathable, the wind is blowing, waterproof in rain and fantastically warm winter frosts. Of course it would be cheap, light and very small after rolling. Thus, such a sleeping bag has never been and most likely will be never make it. In summer you simply need different sleeping bag than in winter. Windproof, respectively. waterproof and breathable properties are contradictory, ie. the greater windproof, respectively. waterproofness, the less permeability. And conversely. The more permeable cloth is, the lower is the ability to prevent the penetration of wind and water.

The most ideal option is to buy a three sleeping bags, each will serve us in other conditions, which is but for a lot of us financially demanding.

The selection should first determine by whom and in what circumstances would a sleeping bag used.
To “rough” it is possible to categorize sleeping summer, three-seasonal and winter:

Summer sleeping bag
sleeping bags designed for warm summer season-June to August. Sleeping bags are very lightweight sometimes ultralight (under 1,000 grams) and are therefore suitable for hiking, biking or canoeing. They will not bother you with their weight and volume.

Three-season sleeping
in sleeping bags you can spend the night from spring to autumn. It’s called. Universal sleeping bag. Sleeping bag has the advantage that you can only have one sleeping bag and you’re staying in it during the spring, summer, and fall. The disadvantage is a sleeping bag, that has a higher weight (from 1200 g and above) and a larger dimension.

Winter sleeping bag
As the name suggests, sleeping bags are designed for winter or late fall. Certainly not advisable to sleep in sleeping bags for those warm summer evenings.