Underwear, Fleece and Waterproof Jacket

As I commented in the article 15 tips to wear in the cold, whether dressing in layers is one of the most important things to keep his body warm.

Layer system by Quechua

This is a technique often used by those who practice outdoor sports. There are basically 3 layers, and the Quechua named them as follows: the first layer is breathability, one that is in direct contact with the body and has the function of keeping the body warm and dry, facilitating the transfer of perspiration to the outside. The second layer is the heating, which has the function of keeping your body warm. The third layer is the protection that keeps the body safe from the weather outside, blocking the cold and the rain.

In this review, we will make an evaluation of three products that make up the three layers: Underwear, Fleece and Waterproof Jacket.

First layer – second skin (Underwear)

We tested the Thermal Underwear Shirt male and female.

They were used in day to day situations, at home and at work, and in travel, both performing physical activities as camping at low temperatures.

Overall impression: The objective of the second skin is warm and keep the skin dry, causing the heat to evaporate. She’s really efficient! We consider excellent performance of your stay dry and warm-especially on keep warm. It is very suitable to be used in cold situations, because it prevents the loss of heat. She proved to be very useful to sleep in camps with temperatures approaching the zero degree.

Our experience: To perform trekking with her in situations that weren’t so cold, soon began to feel heat and I was only with her body, taking the other layers. She kept the temperature and the body dry, but it was just a walk; It is possible that, in physical activities that require greater effort, she may not account for the evaporation of sweat.

Fabric: The second skin tissue is in synthetic material, 90% polyester, 10% spandex. Especially the inside has a soft velvety material, very comfortable to the touch. It is worth commenting that, although it is a second skin, it has a “normal” appearance.That is, you can use only, as single layer, without seeming to be with “under”. Despite if you’re just enough spandex to skin, she takes a little of the flexibility of movements.

Drying: We realize that she has a fairly quick drying, especially if placed in a hot environment.

Size: As the objective is to heat up and allow the evaporation of sweat, it is important that the snug shirt in the skin. In the models we’ve tested, the masculine G was quite proportional;female in P, we realized that her blouse was too tight on the forearm and loose on the shoulder and trunk, getting a little uncomfortable.

Evaluation and Infor Freemasons

Major strengths: The product is great, what is proposed and is inexpensive compared to other second skin blouses of the market, namely: great value for money.

Main negative points: The product itself does not find any downside, unless the issue of narrowing in the forearm, which may vary from person to person.

Price: R$ 59.90

Brand: Quechua (French)

Origin: Product produced in Brazil.

Second Layer-Fleece

We tested the Fleece blouse Forclaz 50, male and female. They were used in day to day situations, at home and at work, and in travel, both performing physical activities as camping at low temperatures.

Overall impression: The fleece is the layer that keeps the body warm. This model that we experience is not a coat, since he has only clasp at the top, which when closed give a great protection to the cold inlet on the neck.

Attracted our attention 4 aspects: it is extremely light, extremely soft when folded is very small, and yet, virtually no knead! Perfect for use on trips. But it’s so beautiful and comfortable which can also be used on a daily basis in colder locations. It is worth commenting that he still is very efficient in performance to be a layer that worry, especially if you are with a second skin underneath.

Our experience: The fleece is really warm and nice to use. In addition to keeping the body warm, in situations where we were camping, your softness, putting some more clothes and towel inside him, he turned into a perfect pillow!

Fabric: the fabric is in synthetic material, 100% polyester -extremely soft and lightweight, as commented before. This model tested by the FuiAcampar Team has a weight of 200 g/m ², i.e. an intermediate thickness when you consider that most fleeces has a basis weight between 100 and 300. This sweater is recommended to be used at temperatures greater than 6° c.

This fleece uses a technology the Stratermic and is made of recycled material.

Evaluation and Information

Major strengths: The product is great and it’s cheap.

Main negative points: We found no downside.

Price: R$ 59.95

Brand: Quechua (French)

Origin: Product produced in Brazil.

Third Layer-Waterproof Jacket

Quechua Arpenaz 300 jackets tested male and female. They were used in situations of tracks, however, so far have not yet faced.

Overall impression: For professional hikers, the parka jacket is comfortable, sturdy and very light. She does not have the objective of heat, just to protect from wind and rain. Very practical for trails and hiking, but also useful to be used in the city on a daily basis.

Our experience: We use the jacket in wind and cold situation, using on the other two layers. She really served the function of blocking the wind. We haven’t had the opportunity to use in case of rain (as soon as we do we will update here with our opinion).Also still not use the products during intense physical activity to test your breathability.

Fabric: The outer part is 100% polyamide and the inside is 100% polyester. The fabric has a treatment to withstand a water column of 2,000 mm, which according to Quechua would amount to about a downpour of 2 hours.

Features: She has 4 pockets (all close), with three on the outside and one on the inside. It also has a removable hood, and all inside the jacket is screenhouse material, which makes it lighter.

Evaluation and Information

Major strengths: Practical and light.

Main negative points: What we evaluate, we found no downside.

Price: R$ 149.95

Brand: Quechua (French)

Origin: Imported product

Negative points of sale (Store Decathlon): all products are only found on sale in the shop Decathlon, making it difficult for those who want to try the product if there is not a Decathlon in your city (but if the purchase is in wrong size, the store makes the exchange of the product). Another negative point is that the site does not have the measures of sizes and leaves a lot to be desired in the technical product information.

This product is provided by Brand Quechua, but does not represent a sponsored Post since we here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand.Learn more about our policies on Reviews.