Useful Tips For The First Camp

Come Across This Text Bring Some Useful Tips For You Who Have Never Camped Out,Or You Might Not Have Experience With The Camping Gear.

The first thing we thought when we go camping is where we sleep, generally seek to spend as little as possible in a tent, but that sometimes it is a big mistake that we made, because dirt cheap tents, sometimes can leave guys.

I say this because I’ve seen a lot of people going places, sometimes wild and go through hell for choosing the cheapest tent possible. Think with me for a moment,when we left our houses for us to venture into an unknown location, we want to bring back memories, doesn’t it? For that to happen you have to take some precautions, and the most important, is what the tent to choose. To have a healthy and unforgettable adventure need to sleep well and wake up happy.

Not to sin in choosing the tent for your adventure, analyze weather data of whereyou’re going camping, get as much information about your destination, so you know what will be the equipment you will need to purchase, to bypass unwanted situations during the camp.

The tent that we see in the picture below is one of the most cockroaches found in the domestic market, developed for use in hot climates in regions.

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The first thing that must be taken into consideration when choosing a tent are its technical data and not your value, tent presented above has the following technical specifications:

Major brand

Capacity (people) 3 people

Composition/Polyester Material, floor in polyethylene and fiberglass rods.

Blue and yellow color

Double door Not

No mosquito net fabric

Pocket to store objects

Type of sobreteto Not informed by the supplier

Package contents 1 Tent Igloo

Approximate product dimensions (cm)-Hxwxd 2 × 1.6 × 1, 1 m

Net weight. approx. (kg) 2 kg

All information disclosed, as well as the benefits and results of the product are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer/supplier.

If you purchase a tent of this model, be aware that it was developed for hot climates, where there are no insects. The model has no mosquito net, that’s terrible, because nature always exist mosquitoes, spiders and other animals. Another detail that must be taken into consideration is the amount of rain that tent supports, about300 mm of water column (resistance to rain), this is practically nothing, to give an idea, the international standard of water column mentions that for a tent can be considered waterproof, has to bear at least 1,500 mm of water column then this tentmodel has your use thrown in places where it can rain.

Useful Tips On Camping:

After you have purchased your tent, the tip is you mount before going on a trip, because the worst thing that can happen is to arrive in camp and during Assembly realize that missing part, or that the tent came with a manufacturing defect. So be careful and mount the tent before you go travelling, so you ensure that everything is in order and has no defects.


To choose the best location to mount the tent is very easy: choose places that areplans, without many rocks and that no water emposse. A good tip, is before putting the rods, you lie on your tent’s room to see if there are no holes in the groundor roots that may bother you during the night, that way you can see if there is anyinclination on the ground.

For fixed it to use the soil espeques in 45° degree angle with that angle the tent ismore stable and secure, and if vente overnight tent will continue firmly, preventinglift. Attach also the elastic or strings of stabilization, this will make the whole more stable even in unfavourable climates.


Another interesting tip, is that you always have along on a canvas bag to put over the tent, because usually the majority of the tents don’t count with a breakthrough, in rainy days can be bad for Cook, in addition you can use to lessen the effects of the scorching sun in some Brazilian regions. In the tents that have large impermeability as Nepal tent, not set up camp or leave it mounted on the Sun strong, because the heat can take off their seams (usually waterproof tents have sealed seams electronically), which would not be a good idea.


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