Wake Up with an Alarm Clock is Bad For Health

Sleep has to be deep and cannot be stopped

I agree in gender, number and level with Dr. Dalva Poyares, Coordinator of the sleep Institute of the Federal University of São Paulo. If the alarm is loud, besides the fright, the person may have a sudden tachycardia.

I will give some practical tips you get rid of the alarm and have a great night’s sleep.

-You can not wake up even when you’re asleep. You must wake up naturally when the body signals. It seems obvious, but this point is fundamental.

-Atavistically, sleep gives his signs, for those who wake up early, for example, at 6:30 pm at 7:00 pm at 7:30 pm at 9:00 pm … You feel a desire to sleep, but don’t lie. After the body complains several times for him, ends up giving up and the result is the lack of sleep the lie later.

But how can I get sleep early?

-Just lie down and be at peace, there’s no need to push. If you go to sleep earlier, will be able to wake up without an alarm clock and without losing time even you are camping according to PHOENIXWALLCLOCKS. There is no standard number of hours. Will depend on the needs of each organism. Can be between 7, 8, 10, even 11 hours of sleep a day until the 19TH century, the man was sleeping 10 hours a day on average. After the industrial revolution, the man was compelled to get out of bed and went to sleep 8 hours a day or even less.

-Do not drink water during dinner. Try to hydrate during the day, taking two to three liters of water. Drink water at night makes you wake up to go to the bathroom, interrupting sleep.

-Do not eat anything heavy at night, for your body does not need to do the hard work of a heavy digestion. When you sleep, he already has the great burden of repairing the damage of the day.

-After the 4:00 of late, avoid coffee, black tea, cola-type soft drinks, chocolate and alcohol, because everything that excites the body. Alcohol causes a feeling of relaxation, but the who’s drunk sleep is not RESTful.

-Practice exercises like running and walking, to tire the body physically, to be able to relax and sleep. During physical activity we are resting the brain, the more we make the physical movement, put more mental.

-When you get home from work, put the motor in your stand by. Don’t try, don’t answer business phone, don’t take work home. Respect yourself, protect yourself, don’t get carried away.

-Sex appease the spirit and brings a good night’s sleep.

-Sleep has to be continuous and deep, restorative.

Why is it so important to sleep well

When you sleep, your body control passes to the as. You deliver the key to the House for him to do any repairs.

During sleep, there are millions of reactions such as: repairs on all our vital organs, hormonal substances and new cells, which will add to the tissues of our organs: liver, spleen, pancreas, brain and heart, renewing them. All this is indispensable to wake up zero and so that we have a new day, with the maximum available capacity, enthusiasm, optimism and positivity.

In the course of a working day, we’re running our organs. Pollution destroys our alveoli and overnight our body has to produce enough cells to be able to repair them.

Feeding, due to industrialization, millions of cells of our damage liver that also will be repaired during sleep. The same happens with the pancreas, stomach, heart and brain. To be full the next day, all these organs need to be repaired.

Sleep has to be deep and cannot be stopped. It is composed of several stages and REM, when you sleep deeply and dream, is the most important phase.