Waterproof Footwear, Such As Take Care!

The Shoes Represent One Of The Most Important Equipment To The Lovers Of Open-Air Activities, More Varied Practices Fundamental. In Similar Scale, Are Also Those Who Suffer The Most Equipment Wear, Both By The Harsh Environmental Conditions In Which They Are Used And The High Pressure They Receive During The Activities.

And the waterproof models represent the most modern for your adventure, especially the “breathable”, holders of technologies such as “Goretex” ®, with special membranes that assure the total impermeability and breathability. Hence the need for some special care.


These products are developed primarily for use in damp or wet terrain (trails withstreams, mud, puddles, etc), but not exclusively aquatic activities. In this way, one of the greatest care that we should have with the waterproof and breathable shoesis to disallow the entry of water into your interior, because your construction (especially those that have membrane) is developed to expel internal moisture as vaporfootwear and gradually – basically the sweat. Roughly, to “force” the passage of large amounts of water particles simultaneously to the exterior of the footwear, enlarging the pores in the membrane, can damage the system irreversibly.

So, if by mistake you soak your shoes (a trodden accidental in a stream, for example), leave the product to rest until your complete drying, preferably in the shadeand upside down, to accelerate the drain of the water. In case, a good tip for multiple-day tours take in the bag a pair of sandals or flip-flops, that can be used in these unforeseen situations, thus preserving a product so valiant and technical.


Another caution refers to the leather waterproof boots, which should be kept well lubricated, always following the rules of the manufacturers and with the use of waterproofing products – in General creams and spray. Such products, in conjunctionwith the membrane and other materials that make up the body of the shoe, aid indurability of waterproofing, increase resistance to dirt and still prevent the product if saturate when wet (get heavy and soaked).

With regular care with a basis of these products moisture conduit pores don’t close and the footwear will remain flexible, not allowing the leather and rubber hardenand crack. But attention, only use products especially developed for these purposes, which do not block the perspiration system or affect the climate control from the membrane. There are also products to be applied in the shoelaces, making them more durable and resistant to water and consequently lighter when wet.


Noting that “Goretex” ® membranes are totally waterproof and breathable, not dependent on the use of specific products for protection and sealing.

Avoid washing your shoes unnecessarily to prolong your unique structure. From time to time, take the insole and clean your interior, to remove the salt from the sweat excessively, which can stain and harden the leather. If you’re not too dirty, just remove the accumulated dirt with a damp cloth or sponge. Already the shoes with”Goretex” ® technology require another special care to retrieve your efficiency: at least once a year, fill them with water and let them rest a night for the pores in themembrane are saturated with salt are clear.

The washing method varies somewhat between brands, and can range from cold to warm water usage, for example. Therefore, always follow the recommended guidelines in the manual of the product. Overall: always rinse the hand without twisting, avoid brushing and do not use SOAP. If necessary, use a soft brush and mild soap. Also avoid contact with chemical products in General, highly aggressive footwear. In contact with these materials, wash immediately. Drying must be done alwaysin the shade, preferably in the evening and in a well-ventilated place, because ultraviolet rays and other sources of heat dry the leather and rubber. Never use the dryer or microwave apparatus for drying footwear! The glue used on the sole can be term-reactivated from temperatures to 60ºc, softening and taking off.


To avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria and preserve the life of the shoeswhenever possible to avoid using it in days, allowing sweat absorbed by the leather drying during this interval. Change your socks daily and remove the insoles of shoes for airing at the end of the day.

If the your footwear presents some defect, contact the manufacturer to raise the guarantee or request specialized repair, avoiding inadequate repairs and little durable. Companhei