What Are Unbalanced Cycles In Climbing

Once we understand that energy must make a cycle between recovering (thinking and rest) and apply (climbing and taking action), we need to know how to improve the flow between the two phases.
One of the biggest impediments of this stream is an emphasis on thought. People think too much. They use your attention to think too much about the intellectual information and get stuck in polo cycle energy recovery.
When we’re stuck in a polo, we’re out of balance and energy does not flow well.
Alfred Korzybski wrote a book called Science and Sanity in the 1930 on general semantics. He goes into detail about the effect that words have in our reality.
One of its principles is: the word is not the thing.
The words are not reality, only point in her direction. This is important because we tend to identify ourselves with our thought process, which consists of words in a language you learn.
The words are just sounds that we make with our vocal cords which associate with specific meanings.
Say “thank you” makes sense for someone who speaks English; say “merci” doesn’t make sense to someone who doesn’t speak French. The intellectualizing separates us from reality.
We must remember that we know something when the experienced, not when we just thought about something. We don’t know really climb to climb.
Intellectual wisdom must be converted into wisdom of experience. Therefore, we should decrease the amount of thought and see it as just a starting point for learning.
For us to part of thought we must develop our ability to bear witness to him. Thinking is something the brain does for us, and he wants to think. The majority of this thought is usual and unintentional.
The mind uses past experiences to interpret future possibilities. We believe at the present time, but that thought is about the past or the future.
We can’t think about the present moment. The moment this requires observation, not thought.
There’s nothing wrong with thinking, but this Act must be intentional. We don’t have to think. We need to choose how we intend to think. The witness when we’re thinking usually, we can redirect our attention to the body and senses.
By decreasing the thought we engaged our attention more completely in the experience.
The body and our senses enable our attention in the present moment with what’s going on in fact. Doing this allows the present moment is observed and brings balance to cycles of retrieve and apply the power.
Practice tip: slow down the thought
And useful to capture thinking usually. To do this you need to be intentional. Establish an intention each morning to focus your attention on your body and senses. Then, throughout the day, do the following things:
• Say: “I intend to think about …” when you need to think about something. You will have to think many times during the day when the need arises, intending to think.
• In addition to these hours thinking deliberately keep your attention on the body, not in your mind. When you notice you’re thinking usually, simply redirect your attention to the body and its senses.