What is The Best Make of Caravan to Buy

The real little house on wheels

Convenient, easy to move and set up

It opens and closes in a few minutes without physical effort and frame manipulation: the folding caravan makes camping easy and light for the whole family.

With his gallery to luggage or its carrier, folding Caravan is more that a simple tent.

A good compromise between a tent and caravan

Thanks to its low height when folded, folding caravan facilitates traction, which is an advantage to consider if you are fan of the itinerant camping.

Similarly, if you were in the tent camper and you become a parent, the folding Caravan can be the solution without a “real” Caravan more difficult to store.

Options to enhance the family camping

Awning, sun visor, tarp, annex room, floor mats and same kitchen for the version of luxury, several accessories and options allow to turn the caravan folding in a comfortable camping, safe from weather gear and capable of hosting a growing family or even friends.

The + Council: although it bears the name of caravan, folding caravan has a large canvas surface, it is so similar to a tent for maintenance.

It should be folded when it is completely dry and do not use abrasive products for cleaning.

Capital report on the folding caravans-September 2014

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