Which Pool Is Right For You?

Almost a holiday! Gorgeous all day to be out there, occasionally light the grill and splashing in fine weather. Your pool has not survived the winter or would like another pool hold? Then read on. We list the different pool types for you, so that you know which pool the best to you fits. We have various swimming pools in our range. Most are of the INTEX brand. We distinguish three types of pool at Obelink: family pool, easy / Quick-Up and frame pools.

Family pools

The family pools include all inflatable swimming pools, which consist of two or more air rings or air chambers. There are these pools in many sizes and shapes. The cheapest model begins the most expensive pool at € 2.95 to the find at about € 50,. You build a family pool and usually go after a day or a few days the water. On these pools, you can connect a filter pump. The use of chlorine is therefore unnecessary. This type of pool holds mostly just one season, maybe two, if you deal very carefully with the pool. Our experience is that most people will eliminate such a pool after one season, also because this pool is relatively cheap.

Advantages and disadvantages of a family pool

+ Cheap

+ Quickly set up

+ Quickly filled

-The water must be changed often

-Water is quickly dirty (no pump)

-Life is limited

Easy / Quick-Up pools

You have more space in the garden, so that the pool can stay longer, then an easy or quick-up pool maybe is a matching pool for you. These are pools with an inflatable edge of the INTEX brand. Easy/quick-up means, as the name already implies that these baths can be made easily. Inflate the margin and the more water in the pool running, depending on the edge is higher. In this way, the pool automatically receives the correct size. With an easy/quick-up pool is important, that the surface must be completely flat. The water towards the lowest point moves in such a pool.

In our assortment we have three sizes of these pool types: easy Ø244cm, 305 and 366 cm. Note: the dimensions refer to the diameter of the base, not the diameter of the swimming area. A filter pump is included with these pools. In combination with the use of chlorine can you leave the pool the entire ‘warm-weather season’, in which you add water only once. The life of these pool types is on average two years. The top margin should leak, the water from the pool flows.

Advantages and disadvantages of an easy / Quick-Up pools

+ Quickly set up

+ With filter pump

+ Add only one time water

+ Relativf inexpensive

-Does not retain its shape

-Life is pretty limited (of course depending on how you deal with the pool)

Frame pools

Looking like a longer life span and you are willing to spend for something more than for an easy pool a frame pool is the pool for you. Frame pools are the swimming pools with a metal frame of Intex brand. Putting up this pool costs, compared to an easy/quick-up pool, more time, but these pools are stronger, durable and keep your volume.

In our range, we have two types of frame pools. First the metal frame pools that are available in the sizes Ø305, 366, 457, 300 x 200 x 75, 260 x 160 x 65. In addition, there are the ultra frame pools. This pool type is 400 x 200 x 100, 549 x 274 x 132 and Ø488cm with us in the sizes. Ultra frame pools are made of thick quality and thereby have this an average life of about 5 years. Hold the metal frame pools 3 years on average. Two frame pool types, a filter pump is included with the exception of 300 x 200 x 75 and 260x160x65cm. The pools are already prepared that you can connect a filter pump. In combination with the use of chlorine can leave the entire season the bathroom and need to add water only once.

Advantages and disadvantages of a frame pool

+ Add only one time water

+ With filter pump

+ Thicker cloth

+ Persistence

+ Länge(re) life

+ Pool keeps its shape

-Setting up costs – compared to quick swimming pools – some more time

-Relatively expensive


I already wrote that frame pools are sturdy, durable and ‘volume keep’ when compared to the easy / quick pools. This is also related to a number of external influences together, of which the Sun is the most important factor. The Sun, namely, affects the material with easy / quick pools. After some time, the bathroom can decrease; This can be during the first season, because the material is already weakening and sets out, making the pool sinks and thus gets a wider diameter and is less high.

A pool of Ø305 and 76 cm high can after some time Ø350 and be become 56 cm high. Another reason may be that the inflation side loses air. As soon as this border is leak, this is unfortunately the end of the pool. Frame pools, the framework holding the cloth in place. This, the pool keeps its size and shape. So, the measure, which can be found on the packaging is automatically also the size of the swimming surface.

You have pets, then we discourage you, take an inflatable pool. Because if your cat put the nails in the bath, the bath is very quick leak.


There are also all kinds of accessories for our pools. Think of a cover, a flight of stairs, ground sheet or a skimmer. A skimmer is an article, which automatically removes floating dirt from your pool. If you connect the skimmer to the pump filter, the pump sucks the water and dirt through the skimmer. In our Web shop you find various pools and pool accessories. The selection in our Mega store is even greater. So, if you are in the area or plan a day trip to Obelink, look in the pool Department.

My experience-on the larger pools-is that most customers with an easy/quick-up start pool and then after one or two seasons later returned to buy a frame pool. Which pool do you really prefer?