Why Technical Cotton For Family Tents Is a Good Choice

When parents take their children on a camping vacation, they build up usually once the tent for two to three weeks, to tuck it then again upon check-out. With this in mind when purchasing a family tent, other criteria are important, than at a trekking holiday, where it is first and foremost on light weight, quick drying and a slight build. Looking the camping nation over the shoulder, Netherlands you will find besides the whole trailer above all cotton tents on the courts. And that has its reason.

UV radiation

There where the areas are the most beautiful, either on the sea or in the mountains, where it attracts people like holiday. Here, UV radiation is especially strong. A tent is “irradiated duration”, which affects obviously the tent material. Trekking tents are mostly from a nylon or polyester fabric, which is coated to rain on the outer skin. This material suffers from UV exposure very. On trekking tours, this is less important because the tent is taken with on tour and is not exposed to light during the day so. Tents made of plastic but permanent stop on the campground, so wear and tear will cause after a few holidays. The material can be included how to tear paper. The situation is different in cotton. It is much more resistant against UV rays and therefore particularly well suited to families, who mostly stay at a campsite. The material in its pure form but also has drawbacks.

Indoor climate

Another advantage of cotton is the tent climate. Cotton is a natural material, the moisture indoors some buffers that can better circulate air and people, this feel like in a plastic tent as pleasant and not so stuffy. Cotton also tends to heat up not so much.

Disadvantages of pure cotton

Pure cotton tents are very difficult. Potzlicher and heavy rain that pours over a dry cotton tent it can happen that inside something spraying water through comes up which has sucked the material fully with water and again seals off by Verquellen of tissue. These tents are also maintenance-intensive than Kunsstoffzelte. A tent is wet, takes longer than trekking tents for drying.

To improve this situation, a blended fabric was developed that combines the advantages of cotton and the disadvantages of trying to compensate for.

Technical cotton (TC)

Technical cotton, abbreviated as TC is a blend that combines the advantages of cotton with which the synthetic. A PU coating is applied on the material of the outer flysheet inside in addition, that provides the water-resistance . As usual, the seams can be sealed with tape. Generally, a light cotton fiber is chosen, which reduces the weight. The tent’s climate is not as good as for pure cotton tents, but better than in synthetic tents and the UV resistance is nearly as good as for pure cotton tents. For family tents, who prefer a good comfort and not constantly up and dismantled, are the technical models cotton an excellent solution.

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Contact just with your family right on the sofa and browse the pages family tents from technical cotton. One is the right bet for you.