Why Use Glycerine Soaps in Rugged Environments

The care of the environment also reached personal hygiene on voyages to nature.

Many times at crossings of mountain (trekking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking), personal hygiene is quite neglected for the simple reason that the bathrooms, constant in the city, delays a few days under fatigue and access or not to a source of clean water. Also tends to happen more than a bath the adventurer only undergoes a washed-general (the famous Polish bath), which isn’t bad, but nor is the solution as a bathroom not only cleans the body, but also relaxes him and rests, as well as upload the autostima: is not the same ride even in the middle of nowhere all dirty and smelly to feel the body can begin a hassle-free and cool activity to lift your arms.

It is for bathing or showering, just find us in the middle of the nature used SOAP cannot be any toilet since they contaminate the water source because its components include grease, chemicals and perfumes. It is ideal to use glycerin soap. They will not come scented but comply with the dual purpose of staying clean caring for the environment to avoid aggressive ingredients and instantly be biodegradable.

Anyway the Council at the time of oneself is do it not within a Lake, pond or river, but at a distance of at least 10 m from there, turning the soapy in the ground water. For this purpose we can use in the transportation of liquid pan from the kettle and even the glass. As glycerin soap is consumed quickly, better than rubbing the body with the pill is soaping his hands and with them rubbing the skin.

The transfer of a towel is always cumbersome or towels in the bag, by size, weight, and also because it stays wet and generates ugly smell quickly, with which stop using. Therefore, a good idea is always the to use to dry – and even as a sponge and in extreme cases, like toilet paper – cloth of the balerina type: are small, lightweight, absorbent and easy to wash, rinse and dry.