You Can Cook With The Skottel Braai?

The Skottel Braai doesn’t matter whether you make holidays with a caravan or a tent, a device that should not be missing in your camping gear for every camper. You can cook outdoors with the Skottel Braai always comfortably together and the possibilities are almost endless. What Braai you also buy a Skottel is by default, what you can make such a delicious Italian pasta, wok dishes, but also a complete meal to prepare.

Useful accessories

There is a proper paella pan, with which you can prepare a complete meal in addition to a delicious Spanish paella for the Skottel Braai. Would you cook together with the? No problem, use for this the grill plate, which you can make a hamburger, sausages or a delicious steak. Don’t forget the cover, because this ensures that the heat is not lost. In addition, if you use the lid, you can use the Skottel Braai as a furnace. It could be that the Skottel Braai would be too big for you. Don’t worry! The smaller Safari there head which is suitable for 2 persons (also at Obelink). With Safari you can boss the same application.

The origin of the Skottel Braais

The origin of the Skottel Braais is located in South Africa, where farmers hung an old Plugscharte over the fire and her flesh braaiten’. Many years then brought this manner to prepare food Cadac (until then, manufacturer of gas cylinders), the idea, the principle of Plugscharte, but then in round shape, enamelled, to use and to make the production of. Thus was born the Skottel Braai. Cadac has since expanded its range with many products, but his main principle remains the same: easy, quick and healthy a complete meal prepare and enjoy.

Advantages of Skottel Braais

  • Viele applications: baking, grilling, frying, cooking and steaming
  • einfacher transport
  • Ideal for the Campingpatz and home
  • Viel accessories available, the Skottel Braai can be extended with which
  • Einfach to clean
  • Reisetaschen included

Disadvantages of Skottel Braais

  • Wenn you ‘easy’ travel would, he is too heavy
  • Sie miss the charcoal smell and taste of a charcoal grills
  • Auf a Skottel Braai just a cooking process can be performed at the same time. Cooking, baking, and grilling at the same time is not possible

Skottel Braai or barbecue

What is now a pleasant, simple or has the better taste? This is of course personal, but the advantage of a Skottel Braais is that it is multifunctional (everything is included). If you have a grill, you can buy often and all kinds of accessories to, but so that the grill is also much more expensive. In addition I our customers always say that if you want to Cook, but also Grill, the Skottel Braai is the ideal solution. Want to actually Cook and only to Cook, then you can buy the best barbecue. Namely, I am of the opinion that the courts, which have been prepared on a grill taste better. Often, the better Grill are also more heat.


You can extend a Skottel Braai with various accessories. Think of a cover, a paella pan, a pizza stone or anti adhesive paper. I am enthusiastic about the film, because I more need no butter or oil it. I can use the foil several times and both sides can be used. After use you simply rinse off the foil with hot water or put it in the dishwasher. With this film, you avoid that your food in the Skottel bake with as a pleasant result that the cleaning is child’s play and that fits me already;).

Do you have already a Skottel Braai? What food have you prepared to? We very pleased if you the recipe for your favorite dish to would let us go!