10 Fun Activities to Do at Night in the Campsite

Author:James Wheeler

The idea of camping for a weekend or a summer holiday you can present yourself as an excellent option for those who want to essentially rest outside of the environments in the city and well away from the daily routine. However, a holiday of this kind should be properly planned so that none of the members of the group if you feel bored or wanting to return home… especially after the sun goes down!

10 Fun Activities to Do at Night in the Campsite 1

10 suggestions of fun things to occupy the evening when going camping
One of the most stopped when going camping, it is precisely the fall of the night and the hours from dinner until the moment of bedtime. For this reason, and to ensure that even the night in the camping is fun, there is that to think of a series of activities and to give wings to the imagination. Take note:

10 Fun Activities to Do at Night in the Campsite 2

  1. Put the conversation in the day. Organize nightly meetings between the tents and enjoy the time to talk and exchange opinions on various subjects. It is important that the group let the flow of the moment and not put the children of part. May tell stories of fun times or even anecdotes. Will take the opportunity to share experiences that have lived in the campsite or in their personal and professional lives.
  2. Children’s stories. When we think of camping, it occurs to us immediately the image of a group gathered around a campfire. And why not? Join the children and let the adults with the task of telling some children’s stories. In addition to a moment quite a lot of fun, it is a memory that will live forever in your memories.
  3. Moments theatrical. Instead of just telling stories or anecdotes, suggest the re-creation of the same. Forming small groups, to create moments of theatre and fun for the rest appreciate and aplaudirem. Give wings to the imagination and transform the campsite into a stage for shows!
  4. Games and educational activities. If the group you prefer, swap the stories for games. May opt for the traditional card games, and board or other more of teaching that stimulate the mind and help pass the hours.
  5. Night hikes. Walking is always good for the body and the soul. In the summer, nothing better than to do it with the cool of the evening. Trace routes inside or outside the campsite. Inform yourself about the possible locations to do so. Some parks even have walking paths already drawn for moonlit walks unforgettable.
  6. The observation of the stars. Choose a nice evening and no clouds. Enjoy a few moments looking up at the stars and trying to decipher the constellations. If you have possibility, equips the group with the necessary material, like some telescopes and books on the subject.
  7. The discovery of the animal world. Some animals just let themselves be seen during the night. Why not take advantage of the fact to be in the middle of the nature to be able to know them more closely? Do not forget that can be an adventure, something risky and that it should meet certain care.
  8. Theme parties. Nothing better to occupy the summer evenings in the campsite, than to live and to dance. Have fun and enjoy the other when you organize a themed party. For example, without leaving the park, go for a “Pajama Party” or, if you are close to the beach, go up there and promote a “White Night”.
  9. The sports activities. There are sports that, although they may be charged during the day, can also be enjoyed in the evening. It is the case of fishing, hunting and some of the nautical activities that you can practice during the night time of your stay in the campsite.
  10. Swimming pool and jacuzzi. If you have this opportunity, choose a campsitewhere you are allowed to attend the swimming pool or a jacuzzi during the night. It is a nocturnal activity extremely fun for the entire group. If that is the case, take advantage and turn this activity into a romantic moment for two…

10 Fun Activities to Do at Night in the Campsite 3

The main cares to have in the evening when going camping

  • Remember that, in many campgrounds, it is forbidden to make noisefrom a given time.
  • Try not to disturb the “neighbors” with the activities of your group.
  • Pay attention to the animals, especially the insects, so that the group does not eventually leave to take advantage of the conviviality due to the bites and the discomfort that they can cause.
  • Pay careful attention to the safety of all, already in the evening, all the activities become more risky. Remember that prevention is better than cure and a accident, no matter how small, can put an end in the summer camping.