Anárjohka Clothing for Camping

Last winter, I was a test pilot for Aclimas new clothing collection Lars Monsen / Anarjohka. The garments are named after their designer, Lars Monsen, who is one of Norway’s most accomplished adventurers. The garments are made of wool, has a thoughtful design and very high quality. In addition to the fine wool qualities collection has a number of features that give you the performance and comfort in all positions.

Anárjohka Clothing for Camping

The first test was done in Sarek National Park in late February 2015. The temperature fluctuated between-6 to-14 during the day. I went on touring skis and went sledding.
I should add that I have not had time to test all the items in the collection. It was only turtleneck sweater, long underwear and boxer shorts that came on the tour. These garments will also have to go on my next hike this autumn.

Anárjohka Clothing for Camping 1

Anarjohka Zip Polo
This polo shirt is made ​​of 100% merino wool with ribbing along the sides, making sure it is nice and smooth. It has a smart chest pocket and a metal ring so as to attach a compass. The pocket was particularly useful when I kept my camera batteries from the cold. Another nice detail is the long zipper that makes it possible to ventilate properly. The cuffs are thumb holes that allow the knuckles and the back of the hand is kept warm like a formal dress shirts for men from

Anarjohka WW Longs
This is a pair of really comfortable long johns in Merino wool that feels more durable than traditional long underwear. They are reinforced with double fabric on the backside, between the thighs and knees, just where it wears the most. The elastic waist has wool on the inside for comfort. Another detail you will not find on the “regular” knickers are the outer loops at the waist, which makes it easy to hang them out to dry in the wilderness. Ribbing along the sides so that they fit perfectly.

Anárjohka Clothing for Camping 2

Anarjohka WW Boxer
Always choose underwear in wool when you go on tour. Cotton underwear is shabby and direct risk of infanterield and other unpleasantness increases. Anarjohka WW Boxer has ribbed sides to provide the best possible fit and elastic waist has wool on the inside for comfort. They also sewn eyelets, to make it easy to hang them out to dry during your adventures.

On the whole it feels like Aclima’s supposed to, and in fact I think the price tag is quite okay. Perhaps the garments are a little too hot in high summer but it depends of course on where you jeopardize anywhere.

Anárjohka Clothing for Camping 3

The products are sold in Naturkompaniet