British Mpresa Develops Solar-Powered Tent And Wi-Fi

The Idea Was Conceived In The United Kingdom, By The Kaleidoscope And Companies Orange Comunication. The Project Is Baptized With The Name Of Concept Tent, That It Is A Tent For Camping That Takes Advantage Of The Sun’s Rays To Produce Electricity That Will Be Used Inside The Tent. The Energy Produced Is Used Inside The Tentby Regulating And Leaving The Internal Temperature, Allowing The Shipment Of Mobile Devices Like Tablets, Smartphones And Even Notebooks, As Well As Feed A Wi-Fi Router That Generates Conexaõ Around The Tent.

The tent is coated with a different type of fabric that absorbs the Sun’s rays directly without having to use the classics that we see solar panels on roofs of some buildings and eco-homes. She still has the light-sensitive devices that move toward the position of the Sun throughout the day, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and giving greater profitability in the production of energy, avoiding waste. All this energy captured is processed by a modern system that does not use wires and have their solar indices shown on a small LCD Panel with touch screen.

To complete all this technological tools, it is possible to find internal heaters, installed inside the tent, which are triggered automatically when the external temperature falls, in addition to a system of control by cell phone, that allows when you are away from your tent and want to find it just trigger a command on your smartphone and your tent lights light up.

Great, huh? But for now the Tent is a Concept that is yet to be released on the market, but promises to make success among the campers from the United Kingdomwho love travel festival in festival with their “walking houses”.

It is true that the profile of a typical camper, you might not care so much for thesegadgets, much less for the sake of wi-fi network and internet connection, since many camp in order to “turn off” the world. However, there is always that adventurous profile that is linked in technology, and that always likes to pass the result of their adventures and trips to his followers in real time.

Ref: Live Cycle

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