Cíes Islands: A Paradise That You Must Know

The Cies islands belong to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, or, in other words, a paradise of white sand beaches and crystal clear water, where it is possible to appreciate a number of species, whether fauna or flora. Located in the country of nuestros hermanos, get ready to travel to Vigo, make a pleasant boat trip and enjoy a perfect environment to hang out with your other half, or spend time with the family.

Cíes Islands A Paradise That You Must Know



The archipelago consists of three islands, called El Faro, Monteagudo and San Martín, the first two are joined by a long sand, the well-known beach of Wheels, classified in 2007 by The british newspaper The Guardian as the best beach in the world.

Although there are other beaches equally beautiful all over the world, the truth is that the beach Wheelchair features a singular beauty that, combined with the mystical extremely particular that involves the islands, offers moments of unique beauty.

There are eight beaches that you can get to know and explore along the Cíes Islands, in particular the beaches of San Martino, of Cantareira, the Daisies, the beach Areína, Mexieiro, of Our Lady, of Cakes and the beach of Figueiras (or German), for those who like to practice nudism.


There are several trails that can be travelled by any one, and that the bless the adventurous with breathtaking views.
There is still a large amount of species of birds, that they wake up the campers in choir and hope that they leave the park to feed with the remains that some leave behind. It is amazing to be able to observe animals as unique and rare as those who inhabit the isles Cies.


The temperatures that are felt in these islands are, usually, two to four degrees higher than those recorded on the coast of Vigo, hitting with great frequency, the peak of the summer, about 30 degrees, ideal for enjoying the beaches and to explore the island.


The search for the best and most luxurious hotels? Forget, because, in the Cies islands, there are no hotels. The option? The campsite.

Although it may not be the ideal option for lovers of luxury, the truth is that the simplicity and beauty of the place are worth the “effort” of a couple nights camping.


The ideal will be to bring something to eat and drink, because there are not many options, and those that do exist, are above the prices normally charged.

Thus, the best option is to bring your own lunchbox or glacier, but keep in mind that all the trash they produce has to get back to you!


The season of the visits to these islands is restricted only to summer months. In the island of Monteagudo-Faro, the maximum capacity is 2,200 people per day and 800 by night, in the campsite.

The island of San Martín, it is possible to reach only by boat private, with proper authorization, since there are no public transport links making this path.


The only way to get to the Cies islands is by boat. The boats for the island of Monteagudo-Faro leave from Vigo, Cangas or Baiona, the first weekend of June to the first of September.

There is a reduced number of outputs and returns, daily, about 7 or 8, depending on the month. The price of the roundtrip tickets are around 19 euros. Tickets must be purchased online, due to the restrictions of capacity.

Inform yourself about timetables and transport here.