Get To Know The Scenario Park Of Globo And Volkwagen, In The Serra Do Rio

Close your eyes and imagine camping at 1,700 feet of altitude with your arrivals, wake up to the sound of the birds and the valleys covered by frost, and be able to choose numerous hiking trails. This dream is called Three Peaks of Salinas!

Magic and freedom on the ascent to the Valley of the Gods in Three Peaks, with Caledonia Peak in the back

An hour’s drive from the center of Nova Friburgo-RJ, the  Três Picos State Park has attractions and infrastructure for the most radical adventurers as well as families who cherish singular beauties, hospitality and gastronomy.
The coastal areas of the southeastern and southern regions of Brazil are covered by the Serra do Mar mountain  range, which extends for 1,500 km from the north of Santa Catarina to the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro.

Across four states, the mountain chain presents several variations of altitude, vegetation and geographical accidents, presenting singular beauties like the Paraná Peak (1,877 m); The Serra dos Órgãos, known for being the capital of Brazilian mountaineering; And the Three Peaks State Park. And it is precisely in this last one, located within the limits of Nova Friburgo, that it is the culminating point of all the Mountain range of the Sea: the  Greater Peak of Freiburg, with 2,316 meters of altitude.

Created in 2002, the park is the largest conservation unit in the state, with 65,000 hectares that protect the Atlantic Forest from the municipalities of  Cachoeiras de Macacu, Teresópolis, Silva Jardim, Guapimirim and Freiburg. While in Cachoeiras de Macacu is located the seat of the park, it is on the boundaries between Nova Friburgo and Teresópolis that are the best attractions for ecotourism and outdoor sports.

The Três Picos region, located along the Terê-Fri highway, is a national reference for mountaineers and climbers seeking traditional climbing, mountain biking and trekking, ascending to beautiful mountains, river and waterfall baths, horseback riding, camping , Relationship, gastronomy, hospitality and unforgettable experiences.

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The park, home to 65% of Atlantic Forest bird species, and mammals threatened with extinction such as the brown jaguar and the ocelot, have attractions for all types of people. But definitely his greatest legion of fans is even those of adventurers. There are more than 100 established climbing routes, among them the legendary East Route of Pico Maior, considered one of the largest Big Walls in the country, with more than 700 meters in length.

In addition to the stages for climbing, routes such as the Middle Peak of Friborg, Stone of the Matchbox (photo above) and Stone of the Dragon’s Head are exciting activities and even for people with basic level of physical preparation and disposition, since Who know the routes or are accompanied by a guide or driver.

The family atmosphere is composed of friendly and rustic inns, restaurants of homemade food and trout breeding, craft beers, the unique hospitality population and the park’s own  camping, located at 1,700 meters of altitude , in a beautiful and large green area called Valley of the Gods  (photo). The place has basic support structure for tourists, such as two toilets, two showers, piped and potable water, wood oven, sinks and dining table.

Incidence Of Frost, The Best Photos You Respect!

The Valley of the Gods, which is at the base of the Three Picos and Pico do Capacete rock formations, records one of the highest incidences of frost in the state of Rio, as well as negative temperatures and frozen fog. During the winter, ecotourists camped in the valley can enjoy the local magic waking up early, being amazed at the vegetation and their totally frozen stalls.

The following photo, taken by my friend Diogo Oliva and posted by me on Facebook in 2013, had more than 1,000 shares, until arriving at G1 journalism:  Frida in Nova Friburgo, RJ, attracts groups to appreciate the beauty of the region . Diogo recorded the vegetation of the Valley of the Gods totally covered by frost, including the camping area (to the left of the photo): a magical moment for the state of Rio de Janeiro!

Valley of the Gods covered by frost, seen from the Stone Dragon Head-Photo: Diogo Oliva

In the following photos it is possible to check the landscaping change in the Valley of the Gods in a photo taken in the spring, taken by daisies, and later in the records of Diogo Oliva portraying the frost.

Valley of the Gods and their daisies in Three Peaks of Salinas-Share Adventure

Frost covering the undergrowth of the Valley of the Gods – Photo: Diogo Oliva

TV Globo And Car Commercials

And magic really exists! Not for nothing, in the 1990s was produced in the region one of the biggest successes of Rede Globo:  Memorial of Maria Moura , miniseries starring Glória Pires, Marcos Palmeira and Kadu Moliterno. Recorded in the Valley of the Friars, next to the Valley of the Gods, the Three Peaks and other classic attractions like the Waterfall of the Friars were exhibited with great prominence in the miniseries. Constantly the park becomes the stage of documentaries, researches and recordings of automobile commercials.

Three Peaks of Salinas on the cover of the DVD of the mini-series of TV Globo, Maria Moura Memorial

In the following video, you can see the opening of the miniseries with landscapes of Três Picos State Park, highlighting the 12 seconds for the set Three Peaks and Pedra do Capacete.

Who does not remember the commercial below “Door of School”, Volkswagen SpaceFox? It is fast, but at 29s the Three Salinas Peaks appear in the background, seen from another angle.
For people looking for good food, hospitality, a refuge from the urban world and unique opportunities to meet new people and make different programs with friends and family, there is no doubt that Três Picos State Park is one of the best destinations in Nova Friburgo.An hour’s drive or bus from the city center, the park is literally ameeting point  between people from different places, but from the same culture: the love of nature .

Did you like the Three Peaks? So check out the tips below from Share Adventure for your trip!

Best Times To Visit

Fall and winter

What To Take?

For eating/drinking:  water, light foods, healthy and high calorie, hard fruits, isotonics and juices.

To spend the day: cold/waterproof clothing, and light fabric/fast drying clothing, sneakers/hiking shoe with locks, first aid kit, photo camera, sunglasses, sunscreen.

For camping: backpack loader, waterproof tent, sleeping bag, thermal insulation, lanterns, stove, cookware and cutlery, toiletries etc., in addition to above mentioned items.

Where To Stay?
In the campsite of Vale dos Deuses or in shelters and inns near the upper part of the park. There are no entrance fees/overnight stays in the park, while the lodges are fairly affordable and offer craft / photography workshops, meals, campgrounds, community rooms or suites.

How To Go?

By bus:  take the bus to São Lourenço and jump at the entry point to the Ibelga; Or take the bus to São Lourenço via Tres Picos, which has an end point in the park’s former concierge. The line Via Três Picos has departures from the center of Nova Friburgo from 06:00, while the normal line to São Lourenço has numerous departures throughout the day. For more information,  contact FAOL.

By car: Take the Terê-Fri Road to the Rural Producer’s Market (CEASA) and turn left. Follow signs for Parque dos Três Picos and Ibelga. It is recommended to use appropriate cars for rough terrain, or park them in lower parts of the park.