Mctrek Product Review | Freetime Mountain DLX 2 Person Tent

Marc Godhoff has the Freetime mountain DLX 2person tent on his bike ride from Munich to Genoa under sometimes challenging weather conditions subjected to an extensive practice test. Here men learn what conclusion Godhoff 2 has drawn from his experiences with the Freetime mountain DLX…

Freetime mountain DLX 2 – field report after a bicycle trip from Munich to Genoa

In the spring of 2016, I was looking for a small and lightweight tent to put this on bicycle tours. Decisive for me a compact pack size, the way were upright in the tent as well as high-quality workmanship – in particular the seams in addition to minimum weight to sit (I’m 2.01 meters tall).

Because it should be my first tent, I sought one dough er segment – and found with the Freetime mountain DLX 2. The price – to-performance ratio fit for me.

Anticipated the tent has been so far a very good service me. There is some routine in construction, this proceeds quickly. 2.1 kilograms total weight are a meaningful value for my wheel travel. I don’t see the value to 500 grams lighter – and a whole lot more expensive tents for me personally during normal operations. Thus, my weight and compact pack size requirements are met. And practical experience on travel?

Several thunderstorms and heavy rain across the tent kept dry. The tub-like structure of the inner tent to prevent shrinkage of the water from the bottom. When the voltage of the flysheet over the buckles and ropes, it should be taken that no puddles can form and the water can run off always. The ventilation slots to prevent the formation of condensation on the inside.

The inner tent is very well-finished and sewn. The zippers make a solid impression and feel after half a year of intensive use always yet supple and elegant. Mosquitoes and insects have no chance!

The design sloping front to back offers strong winds less attack surface, as in other forms of tent. I could imagine it well, windier regions to use the tent – without any problems.

In the tent, can be located with ample room comfortably sleep alone – in my case with all bags including. You would like to stay for two works the also. Provided additional bags will stay out there.

I would however replace the aluminum pegs included with steel pegs. With 12 pieces in number to build stable tent even in poor soil. Aluheringe bend here simply too fast.

Final conclusion by Marc Godhoff

I can warmly recommend the Freetime mountain DLX 2 each travellers, adventurers, backpackers and campers. The tent has under different conditions, snowfall in Switzerland at Zernez in September, heavy rain at Largo di Como, as well as wind in the Mediterranean, Genoa made a super figure.

On my travel blog: For more information, including to the tent and my travels our site. For questions and suggestions, you can contact me there anytime. (Product test, text and pictures: Marc Godhoff, Munich, 04.10.2016)