Mctrek Product Review | OUR PLANET Collet 3

A ‘ fiasco on Abwegen’ is the name, the two rally drivers, Tobias Dausch , and his companion, gave their tour from Munich to Barcelona. An event that has provided for an extensive test of OUR PLANET Collet 3 of dome tent space. Find PLANET Collet 3, such as the OUR tent has… proven in the product review by Tobias Dausch

OUR PLANET Collet 3 in the product review

Just my first contact with the tent “Collet 3” began with a surprise: “How is everything?” A packet the size of a good 3-pound Loaf bread from the bakery in türkisgrüner packaging. It has to be about, because otherwise nothing in the package can be found. I wonder how a 2-man tent to arise; my previous 3-man tent – admittedly in the years come – has the double pack size.

To illustrate the Pack masses of the Collet 3, here with everyday objects in comparison. A dream for backpackers or small car driver. This tent is always fits!


Right when first setting up the hardness test for the tent developers takes place. Because due to a schedule tough to the first structure in the darkness is to work. We roll out the tent, find two long and a shorter featherweight aluminum connector rod. The tent is a crumpled one piece before us, the channels for the two long poles are clearly shown. Solid plates where two riveted holes are located at the vertices: one for the pole, one for the herring, the latter are of solid construction, 8 mm in diameter, pointed at and made of aluminium.

So, we slide the Poles through the channels. They run diagonally and completely consistently, so it saves any Gefiesele. When the Collet 3 the rod must be pushed through just wisely until it again pointed metal out looks at the other end. You have a little sugar on the exterior so that the material is evenly distributed, then the rods can be inserted easily in the brackets at the corners.

A 120 centimeter-high dome tent stands before us now. The third bar spans the small awnings and goes to slide easily in the channel also clearly apparent.

Inner tent and equipment

We are seriously curious as we open the first tent doors to finally unravel the question in terms of the inner tent. And there is the next big surprise revealed: the inner tent is already in the tent! There are eyelets connections, you could probably take it out in the case, by default it depends but in the outer tent. So a complete tent with only two bars can be set up and you have the first dry shelter! Time spent by the rolls up to the feeder, less than 5 minutes!

Inside the tent, waiting the Collet 3 with an another clever idea: instead of having separated an external door and a mosquito net, both are integrated into each other here. As a Crescent, with the tent pole as a pivot can be opened the doors. The “big door” is the mosquito net, you open your zipper enters the Interior of the tent. The outer door reduces the light hangs in her, opens also the zipper, appears light and fresh air, but just no creatures in the Interior.

The Interior has clamped a practical NET in the ceiling as well as the usual for tents bags at head and foot end. Two people and their luggage find good at this place. Also 190 centimeters tall people can sleep good, we have successfully verified this.


What there is else highlight: edges and tent cords are reflective; a pleasant contribution to camping safety. On the roof there are two hatches, which can be lifted for a better ventilation of the Interior, fixed the hatch is with a more solid piece of fabric with Velcro at the end.

Pros and cons at a glance


All in all convinced the Collet 3 of OUR PLANET as a small tent for the World Traveler: to build without much effort, low weight and pack size, as well as a 1a processing. See also the detailed solutions: interior doors as together this construction, a fully hinged inner tent, reflective cord and a storage compartment in the Interior (very handy for lighting!). With this mobile home leaving happy! (Text and pictures: Tobias Dausch ))

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