MSR Hubba Hubba HP and MSR Dragontail Braving Wind and Weather

Challenging tours, through wind – and weather-hit regions, often go to the load limits of the equipment. Just tents – the last bastion, when you are in the wilderness – are often exposed to the effects of heavy rain and blustery wind gusts. The High Performance tents MSR Hubba Hubba HP and MSR Dragontail defy the most adverse weather changes and provide the perfect all-around weather protection.

With the free-standing two-mantent Hubba Hubba HP , MSR has set very clear standards. The intuitive ALU-boom makes building a few steps a breeze: simply inner tent from festclippen, flysheet throw and connect it to the clips at the bottom of the tent. The raised tent floor from Ripstop Nylon and the triple Dura-shield polyurethane coating (water column: 10,000 mm) can withstand even when the biggest downpour of the wetness. Likewise, spans the flysheet like an umbrella over the generous outdoor living room and can just bounce off the wind and rain. The perfect sophisticated ventilation through the mosquito nets attached near the top of the inner tent, prevents the formation of condensation on the inside and circulates the air without pulling comfortably. Fully rigged the MSR Hubba Hubba HP, with its results just 1.93 kg Pack weight, a real fortress in the fight against the elements.

The single-walled two-man tent MSR Dragontail is the ultimate solution for all extreme and expedition tours. With his upper made of extremely tear-resistant 40 d Ripstop Nylon with a Durashield-polyurethane and silicone coating (water column: 1500 mm) it can withstand snow storms as well as monsoonal rains. Due to the slightly tapered tunnel construction, water and snow run off even easier. At the bottom of the tent, the toughest MSR comes tent fabric, 40 d Ripstop Nylon with Durashield polyurethane coating, with 10,000 mm water column to use. The lockable zippered ventilation tunnel is unique in the MSR Dragontail. He is hung on the tent ceiling by a mosquito net and runs over the entire length of the tent. Even spray mist can not push here through thanks to the network even when open zipper. As the largest security feature, MSR brings the Dragontail in the eye-catching Orange signal colour used. Also across wide distances, it is thus still easily recognizable. There is the MSR Dragontail is one of the lightest expedition-grade two-man tents with a Pack weight of only 2.53 kg at all.

MSR Rod repair kit offers more optional optional parts such as reflective guy lines, magnetic light for Interior and exterior lighting, or a universally usable for more safety when tent tours.

The MSR Hubba Hubba HP and the MSR Dragontail are immediately in the sport – and gear, as well as online, E.g. at or for around 450 Euro or 500 Euro available. There is more information under our site.