Review: Automotive Blue Side Awning Camping

Despite often being combined with Tents, the automotive side awning is a totally independent equipment that can be installed in cars, trailers, trailers or even real estate. He is stuck in a rack or trunk of the vehicle and is a self-supporting whole structural system differential that is wrapped by the canvas. Everything is easily accommodated in a “Kit” with zipper stuck permanently and with easy opening.

Properly stuck in the vehicle through your trunk, can serve as support to camp or day stays at beaches or other points of interest. In our case we arrested in own tent ceiling is fixed to the rack of the vehicle. The Assembly is easy, because everything is light. In one person is easy to set up. Open the zipper and unfolds the canvas. On the edge of the canvas there are two rods that are getting in the vertical position. A movement of “thread” releases the adjustment, choose the desired height and holds. Near the bottom of the case there are two stems that similarly fit causing the awning be stretched horizontally. Fits this edge profile Rod through the holes. There is just hold the edges of the canvas with velcro strips. There is still a second closing side cloth that can be removed, making the role of an extension of the awning or shade Sun/rain.

Until today, with more than 9 months installed in our car, never come across traces of water or moisture in the canvas. For being extremely light material, you should always use the risers and espeques. As much as the system appears self-supporting enough wind can blow up the whole thing suddenly since it’s all very light, and can warp the structure.

From the photos, we can explain and detail more equipment.

This side awning was sent by BLUE CAMPING for our enjoyment. The company believes that it is of the utmost importance to the analysis of Brazil’s largest camping site which promotes the practice since the year 2000. This set featured does not configure ask brand advertising.