Review-Backpack Thule Capstone 32 L

If You Are Adventurous Or Not, Or Just Enjoy Making Short Trails, Backpacking Thulecapstone 32 L Will Be A Good Option, Because Owning Advanced Technologies That Ensure The Best Fit And Comfort In Their Outdoor Activities.

This bag may seem small when we see for the first time, but don’t be fooled, she has seven compartments for storing equipment, described below:

The first compartment is a pocket for small objects, items that need to be easily accessible;

Thule Capstone

The second has a large compartment opening, with double zipper ykk, where it is possible to put items such as clothes, food and equipment in General;

Thule Capstone

The third compartment is used to insert the water tank, being separated by a partition of cloth that avoids contact with the other items inside the bag. Also owning to the hydration hose, and tape that holds the tank, which must be purchased separately;

Thule Capstone

Thule Capstone

The fourth compartment is located on the outside of the backpack, do not possess only zipper tapes to close, like tapes of compression. The Pocket is to place itself clothes anorak type, or wet clothes, because at the end of this great pocket has asmall opening, which in turn makes your water without penetrating the fabric, thusaffecting the items inside the bag;

Thule Capstone

The fifth and the sixth compartment, located on the sides, serve to put bottles of water, or an item for quick access;

Thule Capstone

The seventh compartment located on the right of the barrigueira, is a zippered objects, suitable for very small items such as flashlights, keys or documents.

Thule Capstone

Other important features of the equipment:

Constructed of abrasion-resistant material, known as Cordura Nylon 210 d NylonCordura and 315D.


The Backpack also features room for engaging their hiking sticks, keeping them trapped by a rubber band.


Possess the unique suspension system which makes the bag completely MicroAdjust adjustable. To adjust the handles is quite simple, just press a button, located behind the screen from the side and slide the handles up or down.


Thule Capstone

The side is tensioned fabric screenhouse for maximum user’s breath.

Thule Capstone

Has integrated rain cover.


Thule Capstone

Technical specifications:

Color: Dark Shadow/Roarange

Sex: Male

Usage: Walk a day

Materials: Cordura Nylon 210 d | Nylon Cordura 315D

In volume (l): 32 l

Height (cm): 61 cm

Width (cm): 27 cm

Depth: 22 cm

Weight (kg) 1.3 kg

25-year warranty

Watch the video: presentation of the backpack Thule Capstone 32 l

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Text and editing: Louis h. Fritsch

Photos: Marcio Basso and Luis h. Fritsch