Review: Folding Chair Limited Edition Quechua

The differential of this model of Chair of Quechua is even the armrest which guarantees a lot of comfort in a retractable gear. A basic accessory to use restricted to family camping that can be used throughout the rest of the time in his own residence or as a seat reservation for those feast days.

Despite having a print belonging to a limited edition of the brand, the model itself of the Chair will last for a long time having this review well spent.

The Quechua model limited edition is a folding “umbrella” system – a system “x” which causes the rods run through eyelets present on the seat to make it compact. Closed and attached to a velcro tape can be easily transported or accommodated in the trunk.

Armada, the seat has 41 cm of height and backrest reaches 77 cm. thick and resistant fabric Has edges of nylon bias and reinforced corners with rubber eyelets running smoothly by the metal frame at the time of opening/closing. She’s gun with the supporters of the arms in place and in one of them there is a cup holder. The total width when open is 73 cm and a depth of 50 cm.

To close the push rods or Chair of the feet or the backrest inwards. The system “X” takes action. There is a velcro tape to wrap the seat and prevent open in transport and a strap to carry it on your shoulder. To open is just separate the stems. The own weight of the body also makes the final strength of the opening. Closed it has 81 cm in length by more or less 18 cm in diameter.

The feet have good support area, as also articulate two brackets of each structure.

One of the most important points in our assessment is the anchor of the stems back along the back. In the early versions of the brand, the rubber terminals if ripped at with the weight and pressure and invalidavam the Chair before she got older. Now the stems are accommodated in a sheath well folded and sewn on the backrest and will present that problem.

* Product provided by Decathlon for evaluations and analyses MaCamp.