Review of Alazne Soft Shell Jacket

The Alazne Soft Shell Jacket from Hi-Tec is a feminine coat ideal for use in any situation, both in adventures, camps, as in the urban environment. Is a Joker for protection, including against rain and still is black, that is, goes with everything.

Soft Shell Jacket

But before talking about more of the jacket is worth explaining what is a Softshell.

Basically the Softshell is a intermediate jacket ideal for everyday use in situations that are not extreme. The basic characteristics of a softshell is be comfortable, keep warm, be waterproof and be breathable.

Technically speaking the Softshell is a fabric made of a hollow fibre. The fabric has the characteristic of having two different faces: the outside face (touch that looks like a pretty thin neoprene) has the function to repel water and prevent the entry of wind and the inner surface is usually in fleece, to keep the body warm.

Within the proposed the softshell Jacket Alazne fulfills its promises, really keeping it warm, it is waterproof and is breathable.

However, although the fabric be waterproof she leaves something to be desired on protection, since it has no hood, i.e. in situations of extreme rain water certainly creep to the inside, by the neck and your head will be wet. What can be bad and even dangerous, depending on where you are. So we believe that in terms of protection she leaves a little to be desired, especially for those looking for a jacket that is even more versatile, while maintaining the comfort and flexibility, without having to invest in an anorak (which usually have hood!). But like most Softshells have no hood, it only follows that the same line.


This model is very simple, has a front zipper and two zippered side pockets and sealed, preventing the entry of water, if they are closed. The cut is slightly acinturado and the back are longer than the front. Another feature is that it has an elastic bar adjustment. She has raglan sleeve that besides being a more stylish, causes it to adapt easily to shoulders with wider or narrow, since there is No stitching by setting the limit.

We pointed out the excellent workmanship, of the first row.


Also fits pregnant ladies according to BESTAAH, this jacket is worth commenting that modeling is not too large.I, which I usually use something like PP, I used the size P and looks nice. Just a little wide, but super acceptable, primarily because I like more untethered to power use with tranquillity on top of other clothes. The only manga that was really long but the evils the lowest, just did a sheath and ready.

Check out some of the measures of the jacket P
Sleeve length: 43 cm (from the armpit, because the model is raglan, without shoulder determined)
Height of the trunk in front: 60 cm
Height of the trunk in the back: 65 cm
Waist width: 42 cm
Bar width: 47 cm

Weight: The model size P, weighs 500 grams. What may seem a bit heavy, but this is a feature of Softshell fabric.

Experience and recommendation

We’ve used the jacket in a variety of situations, both in the mountains, as on the beach, with wind, rain in the city, etc.
It’s a coat for your versatility has already been incorporated into my wardrobe of everyday life, both in the city as in travel, so that this review could be supplemented with further information in the course of use and new perceptions.

We recommend to use in any situation you need a jacket in tow, I consider this model really all-in-one, that can adapt to numerous situations both in the urban environment, as in travel or outdoor. I just wouldn’t recommend for extreme cold and heavy rain without you do not have other protection. In this case the ideal is you have an outfit with a hood or even an anorak (hard shell).


Positive points: The product is comfortable, beautiful, versatile and efficient.

Negative points: She does not have a hood and the price is expensive.

Price: R$497,00 on Hi-Tec shop -Use the coupon code CAMP15 and get a 15% discount (until 31/Aug of 2015)
Brand: Hi-Tec
Origin: Imported
Dimensions: see above
Weight: 500 grams
Material: 94% polyester 6% spandex

-Female Model
Sizes: P, M, G
Colors: Black, White

This product is provided by Hi-Tec, but is not a sponsored Post.We here our most genuine opinion about the product, without any influence of the brand. Learn more about our policies on Reviews.