Review of Cheetah Inflatable Pillows

In this article, we analyze and evaluate the Smart inflatable pillow, the Cheetah. In General, I can say that adhere to the inflatable pillows can be a revolution in the quality of your sleep in the camps, without having to carry a bulky pillow or need to improvise with clothes and towels.

Our overall impression about the product is that it is quite practical. Is a good option for those who want to reduce weight and volume in camping out.


Size: When inflated, he gets about 37 x 22 x 10 of cm, one size suitable for use in an adventure or camp.

When empty and open, he has 48 x 33 cm and appears to be much bigger than is when inflated. This difference in size is given by the fact that he has 10 cm height, but also because it has an edge that visually “cheats”, making it seem larger.

Review of Cheetah Inflatable Pillows 1

When empty and folded, gets about 11 x 13 x 3 of cm, small enough to be loaded. To make it as easy as possible to double after taking the air from inside, use the valve to vacuum the dregs of air that gets in there. This causes him to be completely out of breath and less bulky.

Weight: 110 g, what is really light.

Material: Smooth PVC with PVC red velvet, being the surface in a velvety material, comfortable to sleep straight on it, if you want. The bottom has a non-slip surface. Can be hand washed with mild soap (just make sure the CAP is closed and no water).

Ergonomics: The pillow has a good ergonomics, with the lower, central part to the head snaps in the middle of it. Around, he has an edge that is expendable.


Inflation: The pillow should be inflated just blowing the plastic valve (like the children’s floats). With just a few assopros, the pillow is ready to be used. Let harder or more empty according to your taste.

Review of Cheetah Inflatable Pillows 2

Non-slip surface: the bottom has a texture with polka dots, which have the function of being non-slip, but the balls have a “plastic” texture and do not fulfil this role. He slid gracefully over the sleeping bag. But not that that’s a problem. If the balls were of a rubberized material, might work best (or not, just an idea).

Comfort: Is quite complicated to evaluate the comfort of an item as personal. Its ergonomics is really good, the head is well accommodated in the central part and you can moderate softness according to your taste. Just the edge it can come to bother in your neck. But if you’re the type who “lie down and go to sleep”, won’t even notice her existence.

My experience: I particularly found the 10 cm of it a little high for my neck. But my size is not very standard of comparison. I think for people with “average” size, this time won’t be a problem. Unless you specifically like satin pillow available on Epillowcases.

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Evaluation and Information

Positive points: It’s small, light, practical and comfortable.

Review of Cheetah Inflatable Pillows 3

Negative points: The “edge” bothered a bit and the anti-slip system didn’t work when used on the sleeping bag.

Recommendation of use: Good to be used on any trip or camp, without restrictions. Would recommend to anyone who wants to sleep with a pillow comfortable, without having to load volume. A good option for trekkers.

Product data and technical information

Brand: Cheetah
Origin: Imported product
Average price: R$ 24.00
Color: Beige