Review Of Watertight Bag Ultrasil View, From Sea To Summit

This review evaluated the Watertight Bag UltraSil View, Sea to Summit, which has a unique feature of having a transparent “window” that allows you to see what’s inside the bag. Is a waterproof bag for protection of equipment from moisture, dirt, rain, to be used within any bag. It’s not a bag for dive.
I started to use this bag in July 2016 and since then I have used on all journeys replacing plastic bags, to organize and protect personal objects, this size have specially used for clothes.
Watertight bag features UltraSil View
Size: this model that we tested is 8 liters and measures: 27.5 cm width in the upper part (next to closing) by 46 cm of height (measured by us). And the diameter of the base is 17 cm.
The measure announced by the brand is just the base diameter and height.
There are other litragens: 1 l, 2 l, 4 l, 8 l, 13 l 20 l and 35 l
Format: the base of the bag is round and he’s really long (high).
In my personal opinion, after using the bag some (many) times I wish he were wider. What happens is that things are “stacked” and we are seeing the “window” what we want to get, as it is narrow and long, it’s not always easy to pull what’s down there. And sometimes you have to take what’s up to catch what’s further down. It would be much more practical if he had a more square format, it was wider. Maybe then had to come back at the end, but I would like a lot more of use for some functions.
Of course, larger models are wider, but I mean even the height-width ratio.
Weight: 8 liter model weighs 39 grams without the label (heavy for us).
Window: the window transparent TPU occupies a good area of one of the sides and allows viewing of what is inside the bag. She is welded on the sides of the bag through the process of RF (radio frequency), without seams.
Tag: watertight bag comes with an internal label, which explains the way must be closed. On first use, after reading the instructions, remove the label she didn’t harm the closing. There’s no need for scissors, just pull on the “perforated”.
Lock: to make the closing you should join the two “tracks” ashes on top and must roll at least three times. The more times roll, safer equipment. Before closing, we suggest removing the air inside the bag, for him to stay with appropriate volume (see the video below).
Seams: the seams of the base and later the window are sealed.
Material: UltraSil View is made with Cordura Ultra-Sil 30Dsiliconada to increase durability.
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Data and information from Sea to Summit
Product: Waterproof Bag UltraSil View Dry Sack
Brand: Sea to Summit
Origin: imported
Weight: 43 g
Dimensions: 17 cm (diameter of base) x 46 cm high
Material: Cordura Ultra-Sil 30 d (polyamide) + TPU in “window”
Capacity: 8 litres

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