Review-Parkha Andes Ii Jacket

Who Hasn’t Looked At The Wardrobe And Said: I Need A Waterproof Jacket And Thatheat?

I went through this problem for many years, since my entry into the Scout movement in 2006. In the camps, especially in winter, always had to take more clothes because of low temperatures. The worst was when it was cold and raining, only put the raincoat was not the best solution, to protect from moisture and so do not get wet, however would spend cold. I lived with those difficulties by the year 2012.

After backing off of Scouting, in 2013, I began to practice trekking and the difficulty with the winter weather has returned, but was faster to solve, because he knew he really needed a jacket/shelter that has been warming, were waterproof and breathable. After much research, identified as suitable for the expected the Parkha jacket Andes II. Acquire and use in July 2013 and soon realized he had made a choice.

Let’s talk about Shelter Parkha Andes II, G size.


What prompted me to buy the Parkha Andes 2?

The jacket is ideal for cold regions or even to high mountain where it’s required a lot of physical effort, because it offers a system of breathability of 3,000 mm. In addition, she is 3:00 pm 1, jacket, inner lining (fleece) long sleeve and hood, not to mention that the impermeability is 3,000 mm of water column. I’ve tested on a walk in the rain and it was really cool, don’t wet myself and I didn’t even sweat.


Parkha Andes shelter II, also has warming necklace.


It features two pockets on the outside located in the pectoral region, each with relatively large storage space, to get a sense of the space of just a Pocket can be puta soda can of 350 ml and still left over space.


On the left sleeve, has another Pocket, roomy, zippered, where you can put a cell phone easily, or even other useful objects. In the image below, the Pocket is only half of the zipper open.


Normally, it is necessary to other pockets, and even bigger. So, in your designer, the jacket has two pockets on the inside network.


It also has a pocket on the inside at breast height, with size a little larger than a soda can of 350 ml, in which you can save documents and other personal effects.

Finally, it has two pockets on the front, for placement of the hands, these have a fabric flecce internally, so as to increase the heat of your hands. In the left pocket has a tape with plastic clip to hold the key, or some other object, it’s safe and you don’t want to lose.


The inner jacket (fleece 200 g/M2) is detachable, has three tapes with pressure button on the inside of jacket, located next to the collar, and one on each sleeve, nextto the handle, which serve to hold the inner lining and to facilitate the use of complete Parkha, avoiding it gets uncomfortable. The lining has two pockets on the outside and tape loops on the cuffs and collar, to facilitate docking to your jacket.


The inner lining can also be used with the jacket stuck to tape only, that is, even without being bound to zippers.


The Parkha Andes offers a belt elastic waist, closing the belt if they obtain greater insulation in cases of intense cold.


The hood of the jacket posted by a zipper and four push-buttons, two on each side, so it may be detachable.


The sleeves, elastic, also has a velcro, which can be adjusted to obtain greater isolation on rainy days, or intense cold. It also has elastic laces, with locks in hood, collar and elastic below the belt.


In addition to the jacket of 3000 mm breathability make it possible for 24 hours, she offers two zippers under the armpits in breathability and in case of rain prevents condensation from sweat.


The Andes offers 2 reflective beads Parkha, overnight, located on front, back andhood.



Manufacturer: trails and Paths

Size: G

Length: 79 cm

Circumference: 130 cm

Sleeve: 62 cm

Weight: 1.7 Kg


After two years of use, I can say to the adventurers, was an excellent purchase. Well matched expectations in view of the requirements regarding the breathability, impermeability and heating.

In the matter of impermeability, I’ve done some treks on rainy days for long hours.Also tested with a water hose and the result was satisfactory. So far, I got no problems. The same has windshields to maintain body heat, and breathability help prevent sweat.

In my view, the only defect of the jacket is the volu.